Top places to enjoy marine and wild life in New Zealand


A country blessed with the many wonders of the Mother Nature, New Zealand is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. This beautiful island country is home to interesting wild and marine life.


A community dedicated entirely to the penguins, Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony is a must visit attraction in Waitaki. Located in Oamaru town, this popular colony is perfect to spot the beautiful blue eyed penguins as they return from a busy day at sea! Watching them arrive on the beach, walk up the rocky ramp and make their way to the burrows could be a charming experience. During the day, penguins are not very active on the land, hence an evening tour of the colony is recommended. Tours to the breeding zone and other restricted areas can be enjoyed from morning 10am to late night for both tourists and locals.


Whale watching in the beautiful island country is a must do activity. One of the best places to spot these giant gentle sea creatures in New Zealand is Kaikoura. Featuring a perfect marine environment, this tiny town on the South Island is home to the largest population of whales including the Giant Sperm Whales. Day trips and evening walks to the coast of the island allow you to spot these majestic mammals in their natural habitat. The New Zealand fur seals, dusky dolphins and the endangered Wandering Albatross can also be spotted in the waters.

Bay of Islands

Swimming with the beautiful dolphins can be an interesting activity. Head to the Bay of Islands in case you plan to enjoy this activity in New Zealand. Comprising of over 140 subtropical islets, this popular island is perfect to spot dolphins in their natural environment. Jump into the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and enjoy a snorkelling adventure with these intelligent marine creatures. Feeding these giant creatures or watching them dance is truly memorable. Don’t forget to read the safety instructions before venturing deep into the waters.


A face to face with the national icon of New Zealand is an adventure in its own right! A city in the Bay of Plenty, Rotorua is home to the endangered Kiwi. Due to the decreasing number of these nocturnal flightless birds in the country, most of them are kept protected in the national parks of Te Puia and Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Parks. A visit to parks and sanctuaries allow you to spot these tiny creatures in their natural habitat. A visit to the incubation, hatching and nursery rooms at Rainbow Springs is recommended.

Otago Peninsula

Watching the majestic seabird, Albatross soaring high up in the sky could be an unforgettable experience in New Zealand! The Royal Albatross Centre located near Taiaroa Head offers visitors numerous excursions and guided tours to the nearby hatching areas and incubation units. The Unique Taiaroa Tour and Albatross Tours allow you spot these beautiful flying creatures and also understand the history of Northern Albatross in New Zealand.