Useful Information for Those Travelling to New Zealand

The southern hemisphere country of New Zealand is exceptionally beautiful and offers heaps of alternatives to those who love adventure sports or those who just love beautiful locales. Among Britons as well, New Zealand is super popular as winter sun holiday destination. But before Britons hope to board New Zealand bound flights, it is important for them to get acquainted with significant aspects that are related with entry to the country.

flights to New Zealand

Entry requirements

Passport: The passport must be valid for a minimum period of 1 month from the date of exit from New Zealand.

Visas: Those holding a British passport can enter New Zealand as a visitor for up to 6 months without a visa. However, an Immigration Officer must be satisfied of your application. It is must that travellers have tickets for onward flights. Get in touch with New Zealand High Commission in London for related info.

Safety and security

Crime: Crime rates are pretty low in New Zealand but it is surely not unheard of in major cities and towns. There have been increasing cases of thefts in major tourist areas (like Queenstown). It is important for tourists to exercise basic safety precautions. Don’t leave valuables and cash in hotel rooms. Opt for those hotels which provide safes.

Adventure activity: Tragic accidents involving British visitors are common. Those who are getting hold of tickets on flights heading for New Zealand to revel in extreme sports adventures must opt for a reputable company. Also, make sure that adequate insurance covers you. Adventure enthusiasts who wish to go to remote areas must check with local tourist authorities for advice. It is equally important for visitors to register themselves at the information centre or to leave details with family or friends before venturing out for the adventure. Weather conditions can be tricky in certain parts of New Zealand. Make sure you keep yourself informed of weather forecasts of the region.