Top Water-Sports to Enjoy in Cape Town Area

Flights to Capetown

The area in and around Cape Town remains the hunting ground of adventurers as the city promotes and offers dozens of water-sport activities. Dense currents, mesmerising cliffs, fascinating bays and pristine beaches grace the Cape Peninsula and along the west coast north of Cape Town. Everyone, from kids to adults and amateurs to veterans, will find activities as per their whims and fancies. This is the reason why Cape Town flights are highly revered by adventure aficionados from all over the globe.


Divers taking Cape Town flights will find ample of underwater drama around the Cape Peninsula. The pellucid water ensures clear visibility up to 25m and two oceans brim with some captivating marine creatures. A good number of diving options keep beginners to experienced divers entertained. One can choose to swim against enormous boulders with anemones; discover the sea cave filled to brim with sea urchins or swim with Cape fur seals. Two Oceans Aquarium is also the major haunt that attracts swarms of divers who takes Cape Town bound flights. Besides, there are a plethora of operators that offer wide-ranging tours to popular diving spots.


Sailing remains the sure-fire way to spend a lovely day. Most tourists who hop on Cape Town flights make a point of enjoying this remarkable activity. One of the easiest ways to book operators that run varied trips ranging from sightseeing boat trips to yacht charters. Vacationers can also plan sailing tours from harbour, seal watching trips, sunset trips and even week-long sailing sojourn.

Deep Sea Fishing

Game fishing is a perennial occupation in deep ocean waters. Keen travellers who book flights for travel from October to May can look forward to indulge in the best of deep sea fishing in Cape Town. They may find a vast collection of attractive creatures including, dorado, yellowtail, reef fish, long-fin and yellow-fin tuna. While, winter season between June and September brings along copious supply of yellowtail and reef fish.