Five of the most Picturesque Driving Destinations in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most scenic countries in the world. So it remains a firm favourite with drivers and car-lovers as they can whip through the panoramic country lanes and head for long drives with friends and family. It is the poetic beauty of the mountains and the huge sprawl of open landscape which gives them goose bumps. Here is a quick look at the top 5 driving destinations in the country!


Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape is one reason why backpackers book flights to this nation. It is wild, natural and breathtakingly scenic. With pristine beaches and prominent game reserves tucked up in this nook, it offers a thrilling driving arena. Holidaymakers booking flights bound for South Africa to sample its natural charms must take a ride across this wonderful region.


The highway of N3 gives one access to the panorama of DrakensbergMountains. Cool climate, breezy milieu and some archaic rock art formations make this region a stunning site for drivers. This place in South Africa is also reputed for Bushman history and for some leisure activities like cycling, rock climbing, hiking and trekking.

Garden Route

Garden Route region commences from Cape Town and takes you through a fabled land of moors and passes. Winding roads, steep slopes and an all-conquering scenic beauty will leave you thrilled to pieces. Enthusiastic drivers often book tickets on Cape Town bound flights simply to enjoy a few hours of drive along this area.

Kruger National Park

KrugerNational Park gives visitors the chance to combine the passion of driving with the pleasure of game-watching. This driving site requires drivers to go a bit slow so that they can check out more of its wildlife legacy and make the most of their money spent on flights and holiday deals for the destination. This park has, over the years, prompted countless wildlife buffs to plan a holiday in South Africa.


If you are interested to check out South Africa’s countryside charm, then this place is the one you should settle for. It is quaint, it is perfect and it gives you every reason to book flights and vacation packages for the wonderful nation.