Four Reasons for Tourists to Grab Flight Tickets to Durban

Durban, nestled on the magnificent Indian Ocean seashore in South Africa, is a city of poetic natural charms, rich appealing culture and awe-inspiring cosmopolitan delights. Its pleasant mix of attractions which range from fascinating beaches to excellent museums and grandiose colonial buildings to swanky hotels, never fails to charm travelers who reserve cheap tickets to Durban.

Cheap Tickets to Durban

If you too are planning to book tickets on flights to this leading metropolis of South Africa, here are 4 reasons that will make you gloat over your decision.

St Emmanual Cathedral

Situated in the heart of Durban, this magnificent edifice is a big draw for culture enthusiasts who grab tickets for Durban bound flights. It is one of the oldest and largest cathedrals in South Africa, and houses a number of treasured items from its past. Historical and religious significance of this place is highly coveted.

uShaka Marine World

This 16 hectare theme park leads you to a unique world of entertainment and excitement. Get up close with some of the most exciting marine creatures, touch and feed a dolphin and experience some great village cultures – it goes without saying that visiting the uShaka Marine World is an experience of lifetime for all those arriving on flights to Durban.

Durban Botanical Gardens

Another heart-warming attraction which is a big lure for travellers seeking flights with cheap tickets to Durban is the Durban Botanical Gardens. It stands out with its entourage of numerous fascinating and rare species of flowers and plants. The place is a heaven for bird-watchers too, as numerous colourful birds call the garden their home. Tranquillity and serenity are omnipresent at this fabulous place.

Kawa Muhle Museum

his evocative and graphic apartheid museum offers the best peek into local art, history and culture. Situated at 130 Ordnance Rd, Durban, this museum conjures up a vignette of the South African struggle against apartheid and showcases the culture/tradition of its indigenous people.