Exciting Things to do in Franschhoek apart from Wine-tasting

Franschhoek, fondly known as South Africa’s gourmet capital is one of the best places in the country when it comes to food and wine.


Franschhoek by South African Tourism/ CC BY

Connoisseurs from all around the world specifically come here to sample some of the rare and exquisite vintages from the cellars. However, besides wine, Franschhoek has many other claims to fame. After all, one does not go on a long-haul holiday to the destination to merely drink wine. Come, take a sneak peek into some of the other fun-filled things you can do here.

Dropping into a ‘pop-up’ shop

‘Pop-ups’ are temporary makeshift restaurants, shops and bars that are usually set up when a nearby establishment is closed down for renovations. Not much is spent on the interiors or décor but many of these pop-ups have a quirky specialty. For instance, at Bacon pop-up Bar, everything food has bacon in it. Even the brownies have small crispy bits of bacon and the taste is surprisingly good! Most of the people choose these pop-up Bars for excellent food at affordable prices. Pop-up bars are perfect for a light lunch.

Merrymaking at Franschhoek Station Pub and Grill

The Franschhoek Station Pub and Grill, is one of the most popular haunts among the locals. Situated in a bucolic train station made of stone, the pub not just serves excellent beer and meat off the grill, it also looks aesthetically appealing. The Franschhoek Station Pub and Grill is also famous for its traditional country pub fair. If you have toddlers along, they will find the monkey bars and jumping castle outdoors, quite engaging. Weekends are especially gala!

Learning about Cars

If you love cars, especially vintage cars, the Franschhoek Motor Museum is the place for you. In fact, even if you don’t have an opinion about cars, coming here would make you fall in love with the history of the motorcar. You will find interesting information dating back to vintage cars from the early part of the 1900s to the ultra modern sports and racing cars. Situated at L’Ormarins, the Franschhoek Motor Museum showcases about 80 cars from a collection of more than 300 famous cars. You will need to pay a minimal fee for the entry tickets. However, the price is worth every penny!