Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon to Begin in Cape Town, South Africa


Holidaymakers, especially sport enthusiasts who have booked flights to South Africa’s Cape Town and are in the city on 18th and 19th this month have got another reason to get charged up! The Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, arguably world’s one of the best sporting events and that excites locals as well as international athletes, is starting on 18th April. The two day event will wind up on 19th April.

The journey of this popular sports event started in 1970. Eventually Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon has become one of the world’s most popular marathons, with more than eleven thousand runners participating in the Ultra Marathon and more than sixteen thousand competitors taking part in the Half Marathon of this year.

In initial days, runners used to run fifty six kilometres, participants of Half Marathon used to cover twenty one kilometres and other fun runs used to take place. And during these forty four years of time span, South Africa has witnessed many locals to get the winning title.

Apart from the professional participants, Two Oceans Marathon welcomes amateur sport lovers as well. One can take part either in the ten kilometres trail or twenty two kilometres trail which will take one through the lower slopes of Devil’s Peak and the forests above the University of Cape own.

Though these runs are more popular among the beginners, experienced athletes are also found to accept the challenges to win against the rocky steeps. Besides, a series of International Friendship Run also take place at the rugby fields of the University of Cape Town.

Apart from the grand sport events, the Two Oceans Marathon Initiative offers a fantastic way to give something back to the community by fund raising for education and sporting needs of children as well as environmental issues involving parks, flora and fauna, as well as animals and marine creatures.

Sport lovers and tourists who arrived on flights at this beautiful metropolis of South Africa and planning to stay in Cape Town during the weekend can visit the Annual Expo, arranged by Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon and get a deeper insight on the sport’s trends, latest news on outdoor adventures; buy sport apparels and nutritious supplements etc.