The Charms of Orange River, South Africa

Orange River is the longest river in South Africa. The charming river transcends boundaries and flows through Lesotho and Namibia to reach the Atlantic Ocean at Alexander Bay; its final destination.

The river flows through a vast region, which allows travellers to experience a wide variety of landscapes such as grand mountain ranges and spectacular waterfalls before gushing along to its final destination; the Atlantic Ocean at Alexander Bay.

Incredible Water Sports

The Orange River is a popular attraction for water sports aficionados as its offers wonderful opportunities for canoeing, river rafting, fly-fishing and more. As far as canoeing or rafting is concerned, the rapids of the river are so diverse that they can be a challenge even for seasoned rafters, and at the same time be so flat and calm that one feels comfortable and relaxed.

Exhilarating Camping Experiences

Apart from the water sports adventures, one may also go camping to the nearby Richtersveldt Desert. For more thrilling outdoor activities, join a guided tour. These guided tours include camping and sleeping under the stars, amidst unknown, rocky terrain, for several nights near the river and soaking in the natural surrounds at daytime. The river’s banks make for exciting camping destinations as it passes through spectacular terrain encompassing craggy hills and lush forests.

Unforgettable River Guides

Take the services of one of the many skilled tour operators, who can provide qualified and safe river guides after deciding upon a good point to start your journey. The adventures packages offered by the guides can be as short as a day to as long as around a week. The guided trips can be made via a canoe or a raft, with a raft being a better alternative for new travellers.

Where to Begin Your Journey

Travellers can start their journey from the Augrabies Falls National Park, which is a national park around the Augrabies Falls; one of the two waterfalls on the Orange River. The national park is a two hour drive from Upington Airport. There are plenty of other good locations as well for canoeing, rafting, and camping. These include Richtersveld Transfrontier Park and several other places in Namibia.