Top 3 Adventure Activities One Must Enjoy While Holidaying in Cape Town!


Crammed with gamut of tourist attractions, Cape Town fits the bill of millions of international holidaymakers buy flights tickets to South Africa. Be it natural, historical or cultural attractions, the city offers a resplendent array of charms that suits the taste of every traveller. There is also panoply of extreme adventure activities in Cape Town which remain immensely popular amongst the adventure lovers. Have a look at the prominent ones which tick all the right boxes to fit the desires of holidaymakers netting flight tickets to Cape Town.

Dune Surfing

One of the most thrilling adventure sports that top the travel itineraries of adrenaline seekers grabbing air tickets to Cape Town is Dune Surfing. This exciting fun activity allows the visitors to explore the Atlantis Dunes, 40 km and Betty’s Bay 85 km away from Cape Town aboard sophisticated boarding vehicles. The entire region around these two locations is crammed full of well experienced surfing tour operators who help you with all the basics and safety. Adventure freaks may even cruise down the peaks like pros and make the best of their South African holidays!

Scuba Diving

If it’s the open sea that tickles your fancy, Scuba Diving in Cape Town is just the place to book tickets for! The coast of Cape Town brims with a wide plethora of scuba diving schools which provide all the course entails for two regular days of theory lessons followed by practice in the pool and two more days for some dives in the ocean. Most schools serve on the Atlantic side in Hout Bay and on the semi-Indian side of the ocean, on Windmill Beach near Simon’s Town. These two locations are indeed amongst the best prerogatives to start exploring the wonders of the ocean.


The city of Cape Town prides itself with over a hundred caves in the Cape Peninsula itself. The caves here widely range from small overhangs to deep cracks in the mountain and are well capable of delivering a fascinating experience to the visitors. The concerned authorities have come up with cave explorations, organized on the first Sunday of every month. This is an amazing and unique way to explore all the nooks and crannies of the mountain in a safe manner. The activity is entirely free for both locals and global travellers.