Top 3 Tips for South African Safaris

The Rainbow Nation, South Africa is one of the most popular destinations amongst safari lovers from across the globe. The fascinating views of fearsome wild beats roaming about in deciduous woods is perhaps the reason that makes South Africa flights a revered commodity among global travellers and lens men. But it makes sense to get well acquainted to certain tips and advice that go a long way in ensuring pleasing safari trips to South Africa for those on flights to the country.


Best time for safaris trips

The winter months of June to September makes for the best time to book flights for South African safari expeditions. This time of the year remains the most ideal time to spot wildlife from close quarters as many trees and shrubs and animals are out in the open more often foraging, hunting or grabbing a drink at a waterhole. The months of November to December make for best time to spot newborns and range of other great sights for vacationers buying air tickets deals for flights landing in South Africa. Also this time of the year sees summer migrant birds that arrive in hordes making this time of the year all the more gratifying for visitors.

Taking a pick from national parks

South Africa features over 600 parks and reserves and visitors on flights to the country for safari expedition may easily get confused on where to start. It is smart to chalk out a plan and zero down on dream experiences, from utter desolation to verdant savannah rich with life in all forms. Be it guided expeditions or isolated jaunts and budget-friendly or utterly lavish, visitors have panoply of spectacular national parks to choose from. KrugerNational Park and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi are just two of the popular picks in terms of national parks and reserves suited for wildlife safaris. It makes sense to choose the best spot for making one’s sojourn a worth remembering one.

Look for wildlife besides the usual ‘Big Five’

While there is no denying the fact that South Africa is immensely popular for the ‘Big Five’, there are many more critters to look out for in South Africa. Zebras, hippos and giraffes are just a few animals that keen spotters on flights to the country can spot! It pays to make a list of animals one is likely to see and make a list of the less famous ones and try to spot those. And quite obviously, one can’t appreciate the beguiling ugliness of a warthog until seen from close quarters and a herd of twitchy impalas remind that danger can lurk anywhere amidst the pastoral beauty.