Top 4 Restaurants in South Africa That are Straight out of a Foodie’s Dream

There are restaurants that we like, and then there are restaurants we crave to go to, the restaurants that offer dining experience unlike any other. These four restaurants in South Africa are certainly not all you can explore for best eateries in the country, but these most certainly are among the ones that are sky high in terms of popularity.

And just so you know, each of them is hard to book tables at. Do book in advance. Way in advance.

The Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen  by CC BY

The Test Kitchen by CC BY

Undisputed champion in the war of restaurants in South Africa, The Test Kitchen transcends the very word restaurant. It is a haven where your taste buds relish some of the most sinfully delicious cuisines. The super chef Luke Dale-Roberts has the mythical ability to mix the ingredients in ways that cast a spell on you. The style he follows is quite distinctive which leaves room for a lot of creativity and taking the fine dining experience to a new level.

Rust en Vrede

Rust en Vrede believes in balance. A balance of ingredients that create irresistible dishes. Thanks to its historic and award winning wine estate, the fine dining experience is sheer bliss every time. The restaurant is passionate about its dishes; each dish is prepared with impossibly fresh ingredients. Oh, and the dedicatedly selected wines to complement the menu are just heavenly. Not just that, each detail is taken into consideration and perfected meticulously. The crockery for instance is a David Walters creation.

The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français

“I have no signature dish, South Africa is my signature” – Margot Janse. The award winning chef will win your heart the moment you taste any of her dishes. She is a magician in creating unique, contemporary Africa inspired menus. Sitting inside the Relais and Châteaux Le Quartier Français Hotel in Franschhoek, The Tasting Room has fans from all around the world that keep the restaurant packed throughout the year. Diners will find the setting intimate and the food soul satiating.

Five Hundred

Exceptional and engaging, the Five Hundred extends before its guests an experience further than just phenomenal cuisine; it actually seems to immerse them in a fascinating realm of flavours and tastes. Chef David Higgs drives his created menus to a direction where each ingredient marks its own charm. There is no pattern or conventional ways, at Five Hundred. It is all about creating the food that leaves diners speechless. With luxurious ambience, lovely service, and of course, the impressive collection of wines, Five Hundred truly is a place for serious diners.