5 Fabulous Reasons to Visit Argentina

Argentina boasts distinctive natural riches, incredible history and culture, and a thriving nightlife. Visit this splendid country and explore its terrific charms.

Argentine Wine

The fifth largest wine producing country in the world, Argentina has some of the best wines to offer. Wine lovers should not miss visiting Salta and enjoy aromatic Torrontes. Besides, the Mendoza Malbec in the central region and the classic Cabernet Sauvignon in the north are the most popular wines of the country. Argentine wines are being sold in all parts of the world; and most of the wineries offer special wine tours for the visitors to amaze them with their rich grape-growing and wine-making culture.

Iguazu Falls


Meaning “great waters” in the Guarani language, Iguazu Falls is one of the most scenic waterfalls in South America and for all good reasons. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984, it is a true wonder on the border between Brazil and Argentina. While the awe-inspiring views of the falls are a sight to behold, visitors can take delight in water sports, tours and treks at the base of the falls as well.


A country where every day is a celebration, Argentina is home to many delightful festivals attracting large number of tourists from all corners of the world. Folklore National Festival, Buenos Aires Tango Festival, Oktoberfest Beer Festival and the Carnival are some of the most popular Argentine festivals presenting the best of its culture, history, dance, music and food.

Shopping in Palermo Soho

Everyone loves to shop and Argentina is a true shopper’s paradise with its incredible shopping options. Palermo, a neighbourhood of Argentina’s Capital, Buenos Aires, is where the streets are lined with beautiful boutique shops presenting a sensational shopping experience for the travellers. Enjoy a stroll and shop for a variety of fashion products such as stylish shoes and belts, chic dresses, dazzling custom jewellery, trendy jeans and a lot more. Besides, there are many restaurants, cafes and bars you must explore here.

Glaciers National Park


With glacier-carved peaks and valleys, Glaciers National Park is an ideal place to experience the finest in Argentina’s wilderness. A world heritage site, biosphere reserve and an international peace park, it has a lot to amaze adventure lovers with. Home to more than 700 miles of hiking trails, it is a true paradise for hikers and excites visitors with other adventurous activities as well such as cycling, camping, backpacking and horse riding.