5 Most Popular Attractions in Chile


Regarded as a natural wonderland as its features some of the most diverse landscapes on the planet, Chile has become a popular tourist spot in South America, primarily among nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. From the world’s driest place, the Atacam Desert to the mystifying ancient statues of Easter Island, the country has many exquisite offerings to delight visitors. Here’s a list of a few of them.

Easter Island

Famed for its 887 extant monumental statues called moai, this Chilean island is one of the most isolated islands on earth lying thousands of miles off the coast, roughly halfway to Tahiti. It is officially a territory of Chile which presents an opportunity for the history buffs to explore the captivating history and the traditions of Rapa Nui. Here peace and adventure seekers can bathe in the crystal-clear sea, walk on the pristine white beaches and enjoy adventure activities such as snorkelling and diving.


The third largest city of Chile, Valparaiso is a historic seaport destination situated on the Pacific coast of the central region of Chile and sprawling up the sides of 42 hilltops. Loved for its immaculate beauty, the city presents a bohemian culture, and offers stunning seaside views. With a maze of streets and cobblestone alleyways, the city makes for a mesmerising holiday destination in the country offering travellers a glimpse of the rich architectural and cultural legacy of Chile.


The capital and the largest city of Chile, Santiago is situated between the Andes and the Pacific and makes for an ideal luxury holiday destination in the country. Home to the country’s cultural and entertainment hubs, Santiago has some of the region’s best museums and galleries and offers terrific shopping opportunities for the guests. Besides, the city is home to top quality restaurants and bars.


A true paradise for ocean lovers, Arica is the northernmost beach town of Chile and is known as the City of Eternal Spring. With its warm and sunny weather all year round, this heavenly oasis draws the attention of peace seekers from all around. While it is an ideal getaway for adventure enthusiasts to indulge in swimming, wind surfing, scuba diving, paragliding, sport fishing, biking, trekking and much more, a number of wildlife sanctuaries here, majorly Lauca National Park, are sure to enthral the wildlife lovers as well.

Osorno and the Lake District

The Lake District and its one of the oldest cities among four major ones, Osorno, are a peaceful paradise to explore in the country of Chile. With its marvellous vistas of deep blue mountain lakes, snow-capped mountains and alerce forests, the Lake District proves to be a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate with the nature’s bliss. While a collection of luxurious resorts ensures a memorable stay here, year-round sports thrill tourists with breathtaking adventures.