Rio de Janeiro Airport: Terminal Facilities and Ground Transportation

Rio de Janeiro International Airport, also known as Galeão International Airport, is the main airport serving the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Most of the travellers who are planning holidays to Brazil are more likely to book flights that land here. Given the significance of the airport as a gateway to an extremely popular holiday destination, it is important to be aware of various terminal facilities and transportation choices available for travellers who land at the airport and look to connect to various parts of the city and even county.


There is no dearth of eating options for people who land in the city and are all ready to pack some delectable fare after having to negotiate the boring food served in flights. The variety is heart-pleasing. From quick bites to full meals and from an espresso to a cook cocktail, choices are limitless for travellers landing off from flights. GIG Chopp & Grill, Restaurante De Moiselle, Air Café Palheta, Gate Zero Bar and Air Point are few of the several choices for foodies at the airport.


Like eating, shopping is another popular airport activity that seems to have created a sort of traction among all new-age travellers. People are now looking as much to their shopping stint at the airport as they are to a holiday in the foreign city. Almost everything is available at the stores. Veronica Flowers & Gifts, Sodiler Bookstore, Linha do Horizonte, Palheta Artesato, Air Farma, Amigo Conveniencia and Brasil Rio are among the many stores that are located across different terminals of the airport.

To & from Rio de Janeiro International Airport

The Galeão International Airport is located 20kms from the city centre and bus, taxi and airport shuttle are few options available to those who wish to move around. Rio de Janeiro Airport Bus Service has four lines that are offered by the Real Auto Bus, serving travellers who wish to travel from the airport after disembarking flights. A host of taxi operators also maintain their presence at the airport to serve people who land from their flights and are looking to move around. Further, transfer companies are there to take care of the person’s transportation needs.