Most Romantic Beaches for a Cancun Honeymoon

The charming Mexican city of Cancun, which is located on the Yucatán Peninsula, is famous for its fabulous beaches, luxurious resorts and happening nightlife. These are all the ingredients which concoct the settings for a perfect honeymoon, which is why the city is a popular destination among couples from across the world.


This coastal city’s sun-kissed beaches, soft sands and azure waters make these romantic escapes for couples’ all the more terrific! Here are some of the most romantic beaches of Cancun, which the newly-weds and other couples can visit during their trip to this stunning destination in Mexico.

North Beach (Playa Norte)

The amazing North Beach, or as it is locally called Playa Norte, is a big hit with honeymooners! Head to this romantic getaway, which is located on the northern end of the Isla Mujeres Island in Cancun. The beach has a beautiful coastline with soft white sands and warm azure waters. To make your visit more fun, spend some time at one of the several beach bars here. The beach offers breathtaking views of sun setting over the ocean, which you can enjoy with your beloved with a glass of margarita in your hand!

Dolphin Beach (Playa Delfines)

Dolphin Beach is a perfect place for couples who wish to spend some time alone, away from the hustle and bustle of crowded places. The beach, which is also known as El Mirador or the Lookout, is located along the hotel zone of Cancun. However, the destination offers the much-coveted isolation since it is a long stretch of beach with no hotels, restaurants or any other structure built along the coastline. At the Dolphin Beach, enjoy walking hand-in-hand with your beloved sinking your toes in the soft sands or enjoy a cooling dip together with your beloved. Since the seawaters here are bit rough, do take care while going out for a swim. Jet-skiing is another popular activity at the beach.

Pearl Beach (Playa Las Perlas)

Located along the hotel zone of Cancun is the beautiful Pearl Beach, which is locally known as the Playa Las Perlas. The beach is located exactly midway between the urban city of Cancun and the Puente Nichupte, a bridge on the north side of the city. Generally, the sea along the Pearl beach is calm with almost no waves, making it an ideal and safe place for couples to swim in together for hours. After an enjoyable cool dip, stroll along the beach, with the calm yet endless azure sea on one side and large, beautiful houses on the other side.

Whale Beach (Playa Ballenas)

Share the excitement of spotting majestic whales in the wild seas with your partner on your visit to the Whale Beach. The beach, which is located between Cancun Palace Hotel and Le Meridien Hotel, offers great views of big sea creatures. But, the real fun is on the boat excursions into the seas, which often reveal playful whales breaching the water surface. Playa Ballenas, the popular name of the beach, is also a good place to spot the hundreds of vibrant bird species that flock the beach. After spending some time spotting exotic marine life, you can enjoy popular water sports including jet-skiing and parasailing at this destination.

Point Nizuc Beach (Playa Punta Nizuc)

Visit the Point Nizuc Beach and enjoy a slice of paradise all alone, with no one but your beloved! The Playa Punta Nizuc is located at the southern tip of the Hotel Zone in Cancun. This beach is a perfect spot for honeymooners since this lesser-known beach is less crowded and offers more privacy to couples. The beach is lined with jungles, instead of hotels, on one side offering it more scenic beauty as compared to the other beaches in the city.

Turtle Beach (Playa Tortugas)

The turtle beach is a good place to do some shopping with your partner during your honeymoon. The beach has one dock, which contains ferries, and one indoor craft and flea market, which is a good place to buy local handicrafts and knick-knacks to take back as souvenirs of your honeymoon. The beach, locally known as Playa Tortugas, is dotted with restaurants serving cold beer and is a popular local haunt especially on weekends. However, only experienced swimmers should take a dip here, since the waters of the beach are deep.