Top Beaches Enticing Beachcombers to Board Venezuela Flights


Located along the Caribbean Coast, Venezuela is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in South America. Whether you are planning your honeymoon, a holiday with your family or an excursion with your friends, Venezuela has a suitable beach for one and all. Read on to know about top Venezuelan beaches that give many reasons to book flights landing here.


Officially known as Playa Grande, it is among the most notable sandy strips in Venezuela. Your visit to this gorgeous beach allows you to spend a memorable time amidst lush tropical setting of crystal waters, warm soft sand and a captivating natural aura. After spending an eventful day at the beach, consider visiting nearby colonial town of Choroni to gorge on mouth-watering local fare at old-styled eateries. Nature lovers spending pounds on flights to Venezuela can also contemplate on taking a walk through Henri Pittier National Park.

Playa Colorada

Literally means Reddish Beach in Spanish, it is one of the best golden sand beaches in the country. It is an integral part of the National Park Mochima and is notable for offering dazzling panoramic views of lush surroundings, majestic mountains and of course, breathtaking beach beauty.

Margarita Island

While talking about the beaches in Venezuela, mention of Margarita Island is inevitable. This international resort area is one spot in this country that captures the minds of vacationers with its white sand beaches as well as cities boasting party-like environment. Porlamar is the largest city and is home to two popular sandy strips. Pampatar, another city on this island, is home to various beaches but better known for its shopping malls. Surfers disembarking flights in Venezuela to spend holidays at Margarita Island can ill afford to experience the warmth of Playa El Agua’s waves.

Los Roques

This archipelago is a national park and is peppered with few of the most sought after beaches in Venezuela. The pristine ambience is highlighted by tranquil turquoise waters that hide kaleidoscopic marine world which is yet to be explored. Besides peace seekers, this region also tops the lists of scuba divers and fishing enthusiasts.