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Stern Grove Festival 2014: A Staple for Music Lovers Flying to San Francisco

The city of San Francisco is one of the most happening and lively destinations of the USA and hardly gives the people here a reason to stay calm! However, one of the many excuses currently, which are keeping people here on their toes, is the much renowned ongoing musical festival, Stern Grove. Celebrated during the months of June, July and August, this gala event sets countless merrymakers on a mad quest to grab flights tickets to San Francisco.

This magical music event hosts an incredible series of admission-free concerts and strives to provide talented performers a distinct opportunity to showcase their talent in front of the world audience. Moreover, the carnival aims to cater all forms of diverse audiences by arranging live performances and shows by a different class of artists across varied genres on select Sunday afternoons. Stern Grove is currently in progress and attempts to enhance and promote San Francisco’s rich culture and heritage by presenting to the world a wide selection of musical charms.
Holidaymakers already vacationing in San Francisco or those who have booked air tickets to the city to board their flights in the coming weeks must not forget to include this gala celebration in their travel itineraries. The event is being held at Sigmund Stern Recreation Grove, popularly known as Stern Grove. The centre is a eucalyptus-wooded natural amphitheatre with trees forming the walls for the exquisite outdoor concert venue.

Each Sunday afternoon, right from the start until the end of the festival, is reserved for some world class act, concert or show to treat both local and global visitors to some of the finest performances. While June saw many finer events concluding, several more prominent performances are still in the pipeline to ensure a whale of a time to the arriving guests. Below are the scheduled events of Stern

Grove Festival:

July 27: Rufus Wainwright and Quartet San Francisco
August 3: Andrew Bird and the Hands of Glory and Todd Sickafoose’s Tiny Resistors
August 10: Darlene Love and Monophonics
August 17: Sergio Mendes and LoCura
August 24: The Zombies and Vetiver