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Best Desert Safari Experiences in the World Holidaymakers Just Can’t Miss

lDesert safari is indeed one of the most luring baits that set adventure freaks on a mad quest to grab air tickets for flights to different world destinations. This exciting adventure activity allows the holidaymakers to enjoy the enthralling dune bashing in scorched landscape near the city. The adventure filled ride over 4 x 4 sophisticated SUV vehicles through stunning spectacles of tanned terrains and challenging Bedouins all together make for a lifetime experience. Here’s a quick list discussing about the best desert safari destinations in the world.

Black Rock Desert, USA

The state of Nevada is much popular for Los Vegas however the Black Rock Desert in the region attracts many adventure seekers owing to its amazing desert safari trial. The accommodation for the visitors is set inside a camp at the oasis or the travellers even have a choice to soak in natural hot springs. The desert boasts dry lake beds, natural wet lands, scary cities and abundant flora and fauna which make the entire safari experience much more enthralling. Holidaymakers craving to experience a natural American desert life must not wait to net flights tickets for USA and partake in the Black Rock Desert Safari.

Cairo, Egypt

egyptEgypt is and will always be a hot favourite desert safari destination attracting holidaymakers from all corners of the world. Cairo, the capital of Egypt boats an extensive desert area providing enormous opportunities to the global visitors to participate in desert safari. The safari terrain of Egypt is quite extensive in comparison to other destinations and travellers need to spend almost a week to see the desert tourism in Egypt.

Dubai, UAE

dubaiDubai undoubtedly tops the popularity charts when it comes to experiencing the authentic slice of desert safari. Safari tours in the city are organized in both morning and evening hours thus giving the adventure seekers enough time to enjoy the amazing sport. Visitors can enjoy a 20 minutes safari aboard 4 x 4 SUV vehicles that pass through amazing sand dunes bashing. One can even try hands in the 15 minutes Quad biking, sand skiing or camel ride which are sure to give them a jaw-breaking experience. Soft drinks and water bottles are provided to the guests and later they are dropped at the preferred destinations.

Three Great Reasons to Book Flight Tickets to Newark

Many holidaymakers heading to New York City often book flights landing in Newark, however, very few stay on to roam around the metropolis they land in. The exceptional culture, thought-provoking museums, and heritage buildings make Newark one of the most culturally rich cities in the US. Moreover, the sacred churches, exotic wilderness, breathtaking sceneries and mesmerising waterfalls are some more lures to explore. Let’s check out some irresistible offerings that are truly worth the money spent on air tickets to Newark.


Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

This sprawling wildlife reserve is one of the popular tourist attractions in Newark and entices locals as well as thousands of international tourists to buy entry tickets to this place. Located in Morris County, the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is home to various species of freshwater aquatic bird like American black duck, green-winged teal and bufflehead; different species of mammals like hoary bat, river otter, red fox and eastern red bat; and wide variety of amphibians such as green frog, state threatened wood turtle, bull frog and snapping turtle.

Great Falls

Formed by the PassaicRiver, Great Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the USA offering wonderful adventure opportunities to the travellers. Even, time-pressed travellers can drive down from the city to this waterfall and immerse themselves in the lap of Mother Nature. Considered as a ‘National Historic Landmark’, this cascade boasts awe-inspiring natural surroundings while the remnants of a former industry draws attention of the visitors interested in exploring industrial history of the city.

Newark Museum

NewarkMuseum is the largest repository in the state of New Jersey and holds an incredible collection of prehistoric and modern artistic works from America, Asia and Africa. Culture vultures booking air tickets to this largest city of NJ for a worthwhile holiday are often found heading to this museum and admiring the mind-bending creations by renowned artists. Besides, one can purchase tickets to the mini zoo and planetarium, visit the restored mansion dating back to 1885, and the sculpture garden.