Popular whale watching destinations in the World


From the edges of the Arctic to the oceans of the Antarctic, Whales are among the craziest and the scariest water creatures in the world. The killer ones or the belugas or the humpbacked or short finned pilot or the common minke or the long finned pilot, there is something magical about these giant ocean organisms. For whale watching is a popular and interesting activity, take a look at the best places to spots these animals in their natural habitat.

Alaska, United States

Sharing its coast with the mighty Pacific Ocean, Alaska is home to a wide population of Humpback whales, minke whales, orca whales and gray whales.


With a number of whale watching tours, cruises and excursions available within the city, a holiday in this coastal paradise is incomplete without spotting these giant water creatures up front and close. Seward, Whittler and Home Alaska are the best places to watch these whales in their natural habitat. Usually, the months starting from February till late September are considered the best time to enjoy whale watching in Alaska.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Featuring a large population of humpback, minke, white-beaked dolphins, porpoises and blue whales, Reykjavik is fast emerging as a popular whale watching destination in the world. Owing to its location, close to the North Atlantic Ocean and subtropical climate, spotting these mammoth water creatures in their natural habitat or as they return from migration is quite an interesting activity. Guided tours from different cities are also available and operational for both tourists and locals alike. For those not comfortable with water, The Whales of Island Museum is the best place to spot over 23 life-size man-made models of Whales.

Hervey Bay, Queensland

Majorly known as the ‘Whale watching capital of the world’, Hervey Bay is a popular tourist hotspot in Australia. Whether it is the mighty humpback or magnificent orca or the spy hock or loud tail or the pec slaps, the bay area is packed with a number of these mighty water mammals. With several boat tours, shore based tours, cruises and guided whale watching excursions available in the area, spotting these ocean creatures is a popular activity among tourists and visitors. Those who don’t like water, make your way to the Whale Museum located in Downtown Friday Harbour.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Situated close to the peninsula on the Gulf of California, Los Cabos is yet another popular tourist destination for whale watchers from across the globe. The gray whales, humpback whales, blue whales, rorqual whales, sperm whale and the orca are among the famous whales found here. Among other destinations, the tranquil lagoons are best to spot these species in their natural habitat. Those interested in watching whale mating, birthing, nursing and other activities, Magdalena Bay is the place to be. Although there are tours available throughout, guided boat tours, cruises and guided excursions are more adventurous during the months from November to early December.

Valdes Peninsula, Argentina

Nestled along the coast of Argentina, Valdes Peninsula is a well-known tourist attraction in the world. Owing to its geography and favourable climate, this peninsular zone is home to a wide population of whales, sea lions and seals, especially the famous rorqual whales, sperm whale and the orca. Whale watching excursions, boat tours and ship cruises are available all across the peninsula for those willing to watch these giant mammals upfront and close. On and off, penguins and other creatures can also be spotted strolling on the beach.