Top Destinations for Beach Lovers in January 2017


Each New Year should bring a new ‘to visit’ list with itself and we should all explore new places; living life to the fullest!


If you are looking for new and unexplored territories, here are some amazing beach holiday destinations across the world that you can pack your bags to for the year 2017.

1.    Cape Verde

One of the least explored beach-vacation spots in the world, Cape Verde islands should definitely be on your beach travel list for 2017. This cluster of islands in Africa is among the most beautiful places you will ever visit in your life. The islands of Boa Vista and Sal are especially attractive and invite tourists throughout the year. If you are indeed looking for a place where to find solace in the lap of nature, this has to be it.

2.    St Barts

One of the lesser visited Caribbean islands, St Barts is the epitome of aesthetic excellence and you will have an amazing trip enjoying the sun, sand, and the surf as well as the colorful appeal of the glitzy and glamorous ambience created by frequent celebrity visitors. The place is a hit with Hollywood celebrities and this may also add to your ultimate holiday experience. Exotic food, perfect weather, and warm and friendly locals – it’s the perfect recipe for a memorable holiday.

3.    Nicaragua

Another lesser known gem of a place, Nicaragua in Central America is possibly one of the most underrated places in the world. The constant caress of the tropical breeze; the sun, sand, and the surf; the perfect temperature; and good down to earth hospitality – this is the place you need to head to!

4.    Belize

Another hidden treasure in the Caribbean, Belize is a great January holiday spot. Owing to its spectacular beaches with clear blue waters, mouthwatering delicious local food, and plenty of things to do; Belize is an amazing place. It you are actively looking for a place to spend your January vacation; this can be a great option!

5.    Gold Coast

There is no denying the fact that Australia boasts some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Collect some amazing memories at the Byron Bay in the company of friends and family, while enjoying the perfect weather. From luxury yachts to private islands, you name it and they have it. This truly is a classic January vacation spot and if you are planning to visit, you shouldn’t waste any time!