3 Different Places to Witness Unique Rock Formations

The intricacies of nature often leave spectators spellbound! Perched and painted, placid and prismatic- the rock formations found in the planet we call ‘home’ are indeed some of the most brilliant displays of the artistry of nature. Spread across the world in unique locations, these spectacular rock formations often defy both the notions of possibility and the zenith of beauty imagined by the human mind. Followings are some incredible geological formations created by Mother Nature which have turned into tourist spots!

Mushroom Rock – USA

USA remains one of the most visited holiday destinations among travellers and receives millions of visitors every year from all over the world. And many nature lovers who disembark flights in central USA often add Kansas’s Mushroom Rock State Park to their itineraries. Located at the Smoky Hills region, this area features huge mushroom shaped rocks which were formed through erosions.

The Arbol de Piedra – Bolivia

The Arbol de Piedra by Pedro Szekely/ CC BY

The Arbol de Piedra by Pedro Szekely/ CC BY

Another brilliant formation of rocks is found in Siloli Desert, Bolivia. The Arbol de Piedra is a volcanic rock formation which was generated, over a period of time, because of strong wind erosion. The uniqueness of this secluded rock is that it represents the form of a tree. The height of the rock is 4,600 meters. Nature lovers planning a visit to this place should keep in mind that this is one of the most arid deserts in the world and thus they must plan their trip accordingly.

Horseshoe Bend – USA

Horseshoe-Bend-USAArizona, the proud possessor of the Grand Canyon, compels hordes of tourists to look for travel tickets aboard flights heading to the western part of the USA. However, it is not only the Grand Canyon that compels people to buy tickets and board flights to this part of the USA; there are other rocks as well. Horseshoe Bend is one of them! This deep gorge is wrapped around by the Colorado River, creating a spectacular formation of the water body, shaped like a horseshoe. This is one of the favourite places among shutterbugs visiting the USA.