5 Of the Most Terrific Beaches in USA

The United States of America is teeming full with an array of beaches, so much so that the country puts the visitors in dilemma, inundating them many options and choices.


To put such beach bums at ease, here are some of the country’s finest beaches that truly deserve a visit. While some of these beaches are more popular among tourists, others are comparatively lesser known but promise an equally invigorating experience.

Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

Located on the Kohala Coast, Kauna’oa Bay is among the prettiest beaches in Hawaii. Featuring white sand and postcard perfect view of the surrounding islands, the beach is an apt spot for the ones looking for a serene beach holiday. If you are more of an adventure lover, the low rising currents and gentle waves allow you to enjoy a swim or a snorkelling session here.  There are two small coral reefs on either side of the beach. The ‘Mantra Ray Point’ is a famous lookout point here.

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Home to whales and dolphins, Clearwater Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Florida. Located in the sunny Gulf of Mexico, this beautiful beach is known for its pristine white sand, blue ocean water, lagoons and corals. Swimming and parasailing are among the popular activities here. Boat tours and dolphin sightings are common as well. The annual Clearwater Jazz Festival, the nightly sunset celebration, and live music and dance shows makes this beach one of the most thriving ones in the state.

Coronado Beach, San Diego, California

Coronado is a beautiful beach in California. Running along the coast of San Diego, it is perfect to enjoy a relaxing stroll or indulge in water sports and other recreational activities such as skim boarding, swimming and snorkelling. Numerous hotels and guesthouses can be found on the beach.  A few of these hotels have separate playgrounds, picnic tables and volleyball courts for their guests.

Islanders Beach, South Carolina

Featuring miles and miles of clear white sand, Islanders Beach is another much loved beach in the country. Located on the eastern shore of Hilton Head, it is best known among adventure enthusiasts and photographers. The gentle underwater slope here allows visitors to enjoy swimming and snorkelling. With the presence of Boardwalk Bridge and beach matting, Islander is one of the few beaches in the city accessible on the wheelchair.

Malaquite Beach, Texas

One of the less explored beaches in Texas, Malaquite is a must visit on your next holiday to the USA. Made up of roughly 4-5 miles of beautiful white sand, this stunning beach is perfect to enjoy kayaking and windsurfing. When the ocean current is low, swimming and snorkelling are among the popular activities here. Guided evening tours and annual turtle releases are among the prominent attractions on the beach.