A Brief Guide to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, USA

International-Airport-USAChicago’s O’Hare International Airport is a major aviation hub and is considered one of the world’s busiest airports. Almost every prominent airline has flights to Chicago, allowing easy connectivity to several millions of passengers booking air tickets to and from the city, every year.  On its part, the O’Hare International Airport is well maintained, offering a wide array of services and facilities for travellers who make use of it. Get a fleeting overview of the kind of amenities available for fliers, who arrive at or depart from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Shopping: The airport has an incredibly large number of shops and stores for people who wish to make a purchase. It is not just the usual bookstores and newsstands the airport’s terminal boasts of! Almost everything is on offer at shops at the airport. Swatch, the Field Museum Store, Emporio Armani, Harley-Davidson, Salvatore Ferragamo and Oakley are some of the well-known brand stores that maintain presence at the Chicago airport. And if you feel lucky, you can even try out the Illinois lottery!

Food & Beverages: There is a general opinion that food served in flights is not really something you would like to call “delicious”. However, when you get to Chicago airport, this opinion is usually turned on its head! Indeed, this American airport has a large number of options for foodies who wish to taste something delectable. While household names like Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, Johnny Rockets, Starbucks Coffee and Subway can easily be found at the airport, even at more locations than one, there are several other independent eateries that are remarkably good.  Several bars can also be located at the terminals.

Lounges: O’Hare International Airport is a massive property with multiple terminals. A number of airlines here offer lounges for travellers who are booking tickets on flights operated by them.

USA airlines like Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines all maintain their lounges at the Chicano airport. Also, international carriers like Air France, British Airways and Korean Air have their lounges at Terminal 5 of the airport. Of course, different airlines have different criteria for allowing accessibility to these lounges.