Some Weird but Bewitching Museums from around the World

Some-Weird-MuseumsA collection of art, historical objects or well-preserved literature is what comes to mind when we talk about museums. How about museums dedicated to death, the occult and parasites? Sounds bizarre? Yes, there are some museums around the world that exhibit such eccentricities and even draw huge crowds. Check out this list of some of the weirdest museums in the world.

Museum of Witchcraft, Cornwall

Dedicated to the occult, this museum gets its fair share of visitors in Cornwall. It has the world’s largest collection of witchcraft-related artefacts, many of which were once owned by proclaimed or self-proclaimed witches and wizards. There is a warning on the museum’s portal, which reads ‘People with children of a sensitive disposition are warned that some of the exhibits are controversial.’ Do we need to say more?

Museum of Bad Art, Boston

Pay a visit to MOBA, as the museum is popularly called, and feel proud of your artistic ability! Aimed at collecting, preserving and exhibiting the ‘art too bad to be ignored’, the museum’s ever-changing exhibits feature some of the world’s most ‘wrongly-gone’ artworks across an array of themes such as Poor Traits, Unlikely Landscapes and Out of Proportion Figures to name a few.

Siriraj Medical Museum, Bangkok

Not the most obvious crowd puller in Bangkok, Siriraj Medical Museum has a unique display of human body parts, skulls, dead bodies and much more related to physiology. Dubbed as ‘Museum of Death’, it is not for the faint hearted, as many of its displays are disturbing. However, if you like quirky things, the collection is definitely worth exploring.

Parasite Museum, Tokyo

This museum is dedicated to parasites. The repository consists of about 300 species of parasites including tapeworms, head lice and many others. The highlight of the collection is a 30-foot tapeworm pulled out of a woman’s stomach. There is a detailed display of the creatures, complete with a research facility.