Few Interesting Facts about Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ reputation as a red hot holiday destination is well-known. But what is not known is a string of interesting and unusual facts about this glamorous city. Below are some remarkable facts most people don’t know about United States’ biggest party destination.


At least 150 couples land in the Sin City to get married! The procedure is hassle-free and does not require elaborate preparations. All you need to be is above 16 years of age, and possess valid identification and a SSN (Social Security Number). There is a nominal fee for the license. Divorce in Vegas is pretty inexpensive as well, just in case things don’t work out!

One might not believe it but prostitution is NOT legal in Vegas. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is definitely a great PR catch line to tempt all sorts to jump on flights and reach Las Vegas, but all must know that while Nevada permits legal prostitution, it only does so for counties with a population of less than 700,000 people!las-vegas-a

Gambling is easily the biggest tourist attraction for people in Nevada. Thousands of overseas travellers board flights to Las Vegas only to gamble. Some interesting gambling facts – there is one slot machine for every 8 residents in the State of Nevada! It might surprise visitors, but gambling is prohibited in places just 40 kilometres away from the Strip area!

Vegas’ hotels are iconic…and interesting, here’s why! Out of the 20 of the world’s largest hotels, 12 are in Las Vegas! The city has more than 150,000 hotel rooms. It would take a person 400 years if he spends one night in each hotel room of this city!!

Vegas Vic, the massive neon cowboy on Fremont Street, was the largest mechanical neon sign in the world at the time of its installation. During the night, the ‘cowboy’ can be seen from several miles away!

Those, who wish to experience something entirely unique after having invested on tickets and flights to the city, there is “heavy equipment playground” in Las Vegas where anyone above the age of 14 can drive bulldozers for fun!