Fun and Frolic at Coconut Grove Festival, Miami

Coconut Grove Arts festival was started by the tightly knit, warm Bohemian community of Coconut Grove in the 1960s. Moving forward; presently, the 52nd Annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival has become one of the most anticipated art events of South Florida.


The main reason behind its popularity is the brilliant art and music performances, the delicious food and a weekend full of fun activities and events. As the festival is held on the same weekend of the month every year; it makes the planning easier for attendees. If you are planning to visit Miami between the 13th and 15th of February, 2016 and are in love with music, art and food, make sure to book tickets for this grand affair.


This year, the festival will host more than 300 artists from across the globe, who are going to perform in relaxed outdoor settings. You will see various artists, woodworkers and sculptors work their magic. The best part is that you can buy these brilliant artworks. Some of the painters focus on the surroundings and the scenery of Miami for inspiration, while others use their own flavour and blend to create a wonderful collage of various art forms.


In the last few years, the food in the festival has evolved from the carnival like stalls and stands selling fast food to gourmet food for a delightful culinary experience. The festival promises something for everyone, including families, friends and kids.  Many local chefs come together to entertain and astonish the attendees with their brilliant food and artistic culinary genius. Coconut Grove has been home to some of the best chefs in Miami and a hub for the culinary arts.

Music and Performing Arts

If you are a music lover you should head to the Peacock Park, which becomes the waterfront stage of Coconut Grove during the festival. Throughout the duration of the festival, you will find a large number of local and international musicians entertaining the crowd. The schedule is full of various Latin groups, jazz performers, Caribbean-influenced music groups and various bands performing a mix of rap/funk/Latin music. Apart from the main stage, you will find a number of small-scale music, dance and theatre performances being conducted at other venues.