Some Useful Tips for a Memorable Trip in the USA

The United States of America is perhaps the most diverse country in the world and with its uncountable lures this holiday destination entices hordes of tourists every year from every corner of the globe. Here are some useful tips for the vacationers contemplating to board flights to the USA.


Don’t Overstay Your Visa

Holidaymakers reserving seats on flights to visit the USA with a desire to enjoy a long vacation should make sure not to stay beyond the proposed period mentioned in the visa. The USA government is very strict and overstaying can lead to imprisonment.

The USA is Big!

USA is larger than Europe and major cities are not that close to each other as it shows in the map! Travelers landing on flights at any of the major airports here and planning to cover the leading destinations like Miami, New York City and Los Angeles in one trip, rather concentrate on a particular region to make the most of their visit.

Limit Your Shopping

Shoppers taking flights to the United States of America in search of an amazing shopping experience should keep it mind that, if over-shopped, they have to pay the duty on their purchases before boarding flights back home.

Some Social Conventions

  • The USA boasts several international airports at various destinations. Travelers disembarking flights at any of the airports in the USA and planning to rent a car to reach the desired destination should carry their credit card, as it is almost impossible to hire a vehicle with a credit card.
  • Solo women travelers are advised not to drink alone in a pub when in the USA.
  • Americans are very sensitive when it comes to etiquette. Taking off shoes in front of others is considered ill-mannered. Do not pull the socks in front of anyone. This is also considered loutish. Find a place and adjust your shoes and socks.
  • The USA is a racially diverse country and it is of utmost importance to respect people of all ethnicity and race.
  • When invited to a local’s place for a dinner, wait till the host/hostess asks to start the meal and do not make chewing sound at the dinner table. If you need to clean your teeth, it is always advisable to ask for dental floss rather than tooth picks.