Two of the Best Literary Festivals in the World for Avid Bibliophiles

A lot of travellers are always keen to explore the myriad of events that are held around the world. Some of them adore cultural extravaganzas; some fall for musical affairs while several others plan trip for basking into literary events. If you are also among avid bibliophiles and seeking an ideal literary festival, then you might like these two most popular literary festivals of the world. Read on!

Miami Book Fair International

The much celebrated Miami Book Fair International offers a special treat to book lovers round the globe. To be held in November this year, this extravagant festival will be hosting exciting events, parties and readings, peppered with celebrities of poetry and prose, making it one of the well recognized pre-eminent literary festivals in the entire world. The Book Fair will see more than 350 international authors during a weeklong carnival who will participate in different conferences and seminars to discuss upon major social issues. This year the festival will be celebrating its 31st anniversary and on this special moment there will be readings and discussions with noted authors from entire world. This event remains a popular choice amongst book lovers who disembark flights to Miami during the month of November.

DSC Jaipur Literature Festival

A good portion of literature lovers’ book flights tickets to India just to be part of the world renowned Jaipur Literature Festival. Being one of the finest literary festival on the earth, this gala event aims at bringing together some of the greatest writers and thinkers from across the globe. The JLF forms the largest literature festival in the entire Asia Pacific region and hosts many amazing events that include book readings, performances, debates, workshops and other interactive activities that compel travellers to book tickets aboard flights arriving in India. Scores of remarkable, sensitive, brilliant and witty authors from America, Europe, Africa and South Asia make their way to this event to present their best work. The carnival even features live music sessions and interactive workshops, which assure a space to dream, dare and imagine.