Wackiest Races in the World That Guarantee an Exhilarating Experience!


There was a time when races were all about who could sprint the fastest. However, with the change in times, sprinters are getting fancier, if not faster!  Every year numerous races are held across the globe that could easily be termed ‘wacky’. Being a part of such races, you not only run but also face several additional challenges to test your skill, stamina and endurance; fun is another thing that keeps up the excitement. Here’s a list of few wackiest races around the world.

Stiletto Racing

Organised by Glamour magazine, this race is an ultimate challenge for participants. For starters, the women who participate are required to wear fancy stilettos which must be minimum 3.5” tall. Second, the prize that’s on offer is a coveted gift card worth $3,000 for splurging! This is one race that portrays a woman’s love for shopping as one can see participants running, tripping and falling, but still wanting to win it. Buy tickets to fly to Moscow to be either a baffled spectator or an enthusiastic participant.

Night of the Running Dead

And if you thought that the dead have just one thing to do and that’s to sleep for eternity, well, think twice! The dead have taken a fancy towards running races! Board flights bound for Utah in the USA to be a part of this unique zombie race where runners dress up like humans or zombies. While the humans get a head start, the zombies try and outrun them. Imagine a bunch of humans followed by hordes of zombies and that’s how you get to feel the fun in this race in the USA.

Fake Horse Race

This is one of those events that depict an unusual facet of the UK. Officially, this annual event is known as Pantomime Horse Grand National Race. Travellers planning to book tickets to disembark flights in Birmingham to taste the slice of UK’s Christmas can consider being a part of this event. Entry is free but contestants need to pay a nominal fee. Competitors wear horse costumes and try to reach the finish line in the least time to clinch the top spot.