Adelaide’s Upcoming Festivals that Explicate the Cultural Affluence of Australia

Australia, owing to its magnetic allures and irresistible charms, is one of the biggest holiday destinations in the world. The nation tempts millions of vacationers to net tickets on flights for Australia. Apart from the many sightseeing attractions the nation prides itself with; Australia also hosts an exciting assortment of fantabulous festivals and events throughout the year. With September 2014 already here, not much time remains before the Christmas and New Year celebrations envelope the country and the city of Adelaide. But before that, there are two festivals that are wonderful feasts for tourists who are already in Australia or are all ready to snap last minute deals on flights to the South Australian capital of Adelaide.

OzAsia Festival, 3rd – 20th September, 2014

A significant highlight on the South Australian calendar, OzAsia Festival is a premier cultural gala event of the nation that celebrates Australia’s amazing relationship with the Asia along with its rich culture of traditions, food, and arts. The carnival showcases the wonderful blend of rich artistic offerings from Australia and Asia, each year. This year, the cultural journey is planned to continue till Adelaide’s sister city, Shandong Province, China. The different events that will be part of this 2 week long festival pertain to various themes, such as film, theatre, dance, music, visual arts, food, and design culture. Most of all, the one event that’s sure to catch the fancy of most merrymakers in Australia is the Moon Lantern Festival which sees over 20,000 people in Elder Park participating in a traditional Asian lantern ceremony.

Feast Festival, 15th – 30th November, 2014


Feast Festival by Jenny Scott/ CC BY

A fantastic feast for all the senses, Feast Festival of Australia is undoubtedly worth the cost of air tickets for boarding flights arriving in the nation. A major event on the festival calendar and South Australia’s largest LGBTIQ curate cultural festival, the carnival successfully lures people from all parts of the world to participate in this 15 days long gala celebration. Transformed into an international event, the festival invites global business people, community members, and arts industry professionals to share their ideas and thoughts on a world platform. The festival organizes many workshops, art markets, outdoor games, picnics and dance classes aimed at the uplift of the gay and lesbian community. The visual arts exhibition, featuring a wide plethora of established and emerging Australian and international artists, remains the central attraction of the entire event.