Let Christchurch Fests & Events Enliven the Journey to the Next Year!!

As we glide into the last four months of an eventful year in 2014, travellers can hardly contain their adrenaline rush with the knowledge that there’s a lot to see before the year comes to a close. For those who are planning to lay their hands on tickets to Christchurch, New Zealand, these last few months will be no less than a joy-ride.

See for yourself how Christchurch has geared up to entertain its guests for the months of September to December.

Back to Basics in the Month of September

Farmers and Crafts Market by LincolnSquareInsider/ CC BY

Farmers and Crafts Market by LincolnSquareInsider/ CC BY

For those who have booked tickets to visit Christchurch in the month of September, one of the most popular fiestas in New Zealand, the weekly Lincoln Farmers and Crafts Market, is certain to delight you. On multiple dates in a month, the Lincoln area near Gerald Street comes alive with local merchandise and an overwhelming community spirit. It is one of the best places to experience the farm-culture of New Zealand which the wonderful locals still abide by.

Come October and we are Ready to Rock!

ChristmasThe Christmas Country Fete in Culverden is the ‘biggest and most popular Fete’ in New Zealand. This year the New Zealanders are awaiting the 30th day of October to celebrate their 23rd fete. Known for its dining and entertainment options, the fete is also coveted for the extensive choices it offers when it comes to splurging to your heart’s content. There is no dearth of souvenirs for tourists to purchase before they board their return flights.

Let’s Speed Up the Pace in November

The languor of long-haul flights is certain to disappear as the energy of the Show Day Races seeps in the masses of Christchurch. The event showcases some of the best ‘pacers’ and ‘trotters’ in the country. Those who are interested in witnessing the amazing race can book tickets for the show which is scheduled for the 14th of November this year.

And that’s how we Reach December! Christmas Time!

Like the rest of the world, Christchurch too gets infused with the glory of Christmas. Travellers who are planning to board flights to Christchurch at this time of the year must surely experience the event ‘A Cantabrian Christmas’ on the 20th of December. Visitors can grab tickets for the concert which brings out the best of the musical side of Christchurch.