Enhance the Merrymaking in Phuket with the Escape Hunt Experience

When it comes to indulging in a fun-filled and thrilling holiday experience, most holidaymakers prefer boarding flights to Phuket. The vibrant Thai city is known to indulge one and all with its multifarious attractions and activities. One such activity which has been recently added to the list of its offerings is the Escape Hunt Experience.

In order to douse the curiosity of those who are on the lookout for air tickets to Phuket, here are the facts!


phuketWhat is the Escape Hunt All About?

The Escape Hunt is a recreational venue that has been designed to delight visitors with representations of the long-gone British era. Participants get to relive the glory of Sherlock Holmes, one of the greatest characters ever seen in the literary world and praised for his unbelievable deciphering skills.

What’s Included in the Live Game?

The venue comprises of 8 game rooms (with 4 distinct adventures) where participants need to transcend multifarious tricky situations in order to proceed to the next level. It is very similar to the ‘escape’ games which we so love to play on our computers, except the fact that ‘live’ ones are obviously more fun!

The Test of Time and Wits

The game is timed for an engaging duration of 60 minutes (and an additional 30 minutes for briefing and refreshment) and participants need to make the best of it by identifying the suspects of a fictional murder mystery and thereby attain their passes out of the room. The rooms are embellished with objects that make the game more challenging and thereby heighten the thrill of the adventure. After all, you did book tickets for a thrilling holiday, didn’t you?

The Popularity of the Venue

The allure of the Escape Hunt is heightened by the strategic location of its venue, which is in the Kathu Area in Phuket. Tourists disembarking their flights in Phuket can easily find the adventure zone as it lies close to the acclaimed Patong Beach. The Escape Hunt remains open from 10 am till 9 pm every day of the week. So, no matter which day you choose for your adventurous pursuits, the Escape Hunt is certain to entertain your fancies!