Drive along the Scenic Beauty of Australia at Ningaloo Reef and Shark Bay!!

Australia’s fly drive tours are hugely popular amongst global holidaymakers planning to grab air tickets onboard flights for vacationing in the nation. Such adventurous trips allow travellers to hire a four-wheel-drive for driving around Australia’s knotty highways and exploring the spellbinding local delights. Most visitors love to experience the authentic charms of the Ningaloo Reef and Shark Bay, one of the most loved fly drive tours of Australia. Read on for a superb tour idea that’s sure to offer you a gratifying experience in the gorgeous land of kangaroos!

Fly-Drive Options

Explore the western part of Australia that unfolds as a paradisiacal stretch of land that never fails to impress nature and marine life lovers. The entire stretch boasts a company of wild whale sharks, manta rays, dugong, and bottlenose dolphins swimming freely in their natural habitat. The trip starts at Exmouth, which impresses the visitors with its memorabilia of exciting sightseeing wonders. Keen explorers on this trip ensure their chances of a pleasing rendezvous with superb outback views just before turning towards Monkey Mia to experience one of Australia’s thrilling wildlife encounters.

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef by Robert Young/ CC BY

From Exmouth, head south to start exploring the revelries of Cape Range National Park and crisscross through pristine coastlines featuring glittering beaches that front Ningaloo Reef. Holidaymakers may even wander around like locals, and check out some prominent attractions of the region which includes the Heritage-listed lighthouse, the only kerosene-burning light station of Australia. Further, return to Exmouth and head towards Coral Bay, a quite relaxed hamlet boasting a gorgeous coast with Ningaloo Reef. Adventure lovers taking the tour may hire a snorkel and float through the stunning corals to relish a memorable experience.

Cape Cuvier is the next halt of this tour. It allows the travellers to witness a remarkable winter feeding frenzy, with whales and sharks forcing shoals of fish against the cliff-lined coast. For those who wish to continue their drive further south, they can head to Carnarvon to Steep Point and even further to Hamelin Pool to Monkey Mia.