Add a German Tinge to your Australian Holidays with Brisbane Oktoberfest


Oktoberfest by digital cat/ CC BY

October does not only mark the commencement of the last quarter of the year but this is the month when German cultural fiesta ‘Oktoberfest’ becomes a rage in several countries. Splendour of this beer festival is spread as far as Australia, and Brisbane flaunts the most extravagant facet of Australian Oktoberfest. This year i.e., in 2014, Brisbane Oktoberfest is scheduled to create a splendid German-styled aura on 10th-12th and 17th-19th October. Let’s check a few popular highlights of this festival.

German Cultural Impressions

Since this Oktoberfest is a cultural import from Germany, visitors get an opportunity to dance to German beats, wear traditional dresses and gorge on authentic delicacies. Moreover, one can be a part of various competitions that are popular in Germany for years and win prizes. Tickets for the fest are available online however, if you want to take part in competitions, you need to register in person at dedicated counters.

Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane

The competition’s name might sound like a beauty pageant but it is a little different. Besides beauty, contestants also need to prove to their physical strength as well. They need to carry as much steins as they can. On top of it, participants need to wear traditional dress called dirndl. To clinch the coveted title of Miss Oktoberfest you need to be between 18-35 years of age. And to be a winner, you must know about various aspects of Oktoberfest. Want to be a part of this fun-filled contest, mark 11 October 2014 in your calendar!

Bavarian Strongmen

This is one of the most popular competitions taking place in this fiesta of Brisbane. As the name suggests, this competition is for strongmen but in a team of three. Bavaria is the state in Germany where Oktoberfest originated in 19th century. And teams need to prove their strength in various Bavarian skill tests such as Bavarian-style wheelbarrow race, keg rolling and nailing. Jam doughnut eating competition always remains on the top of lists of spectators.

Other Highlights

Travellers boarding flights to enjoy October holidays in Brisbane must have Oktoberfest on their travel plan not only to catch the action of various competitions but also to indulge in various other activities. Few popular ones are powerful musical performance by Münchner Buam, an Oktoberfest band from Munich. Car lovers must buy tickets for this annual festival and check the collection of spectacular German cars at Autofest.