Popular Guided Tours in Hong Kong for First-Timers


The populous and bustling city of Hong Kong features on the itineraries of many travellers who wish to net tickets to China to explore its myriad oriental charms. However, for first-timers who alight from their flights in Hong Kong, venturing into the break-neck pace of the city-life may seem too daunting a task to undertake. Unless, of course, some well planned and carefully executed tours come to the rescue of bewildered travellers.

Explore Hong Kong from its Watery Lanes- Boat Tours for Amateurs

The Container Port in Hong Kong is the third busiest port in the world. Many guided tours start off from this point as the area is an ideal place to witness the transformational outlook that the city has donned over the course of time. With frequent stops at places like Aberdeen Harbour, Deep Water Bay and Stanley, paying for tickets aboard one of the boat cruises leads to some exquisite chances to witness the eventful life of the fishing communities, exotic markets and food stalls that line that the waterfront.

Splurge To Your Heart’s Content with Shopping Tours

Many travellers who board flights to Hong Kong are keen to explore its exhaustive array of offerings that one can purchase from the city’s multifarious shopping venues. Shopaholics can find their haven in many places like Causeway Bay, Island Beverly Center and Harbour City. Hong Kong has something to offer to varied shoppers, be it classy and pricy designer creations or the insanely affordable and cheaper versions of the same. In Hong Kong, with innumerous mind-boggling options, it is quite easy to end up spending the money reserved for the purchase of return tickets!

Gastronomic Sojourns for Foodies are Possible with Food Tours

Gourmands from all parts of the world admit to the fact that Hong Kong is one of the places in the world that is rightly acclaimed as a ‘food paradise’. However, for first timers, it may be quite cumbersome to find the best dimsum joint and wonton soup cart. The guided food tours not only bring out the best of culinary outcomes that Hong Kong has to offer, but also enlighten tourists about the significance of food-culture in the city.