Exciting Things to do in Perth, Australia


Mild Mediterranean climate, miles and miles of sandy beaches and a laid-back vibe – all this makes Perth one of the finest holiday destinations in Australia. Capture the passion for past and the energy for future in Perth, and feel the excitement and adventure as you unravel the city’s character through its many offerings.

Enjoy the Skyline from Kings Park

The jewel in the city’s crown and one of the biggest city parks in the world, Kings Park enjoys a stunning location, overlooking the city and the silken blue waters of the Swan River. Walk down bushland trails and admire manicured gardens while taking in the stunning views of the city skyline, Darling Ranges and the Swan River and Canning River. Also, you can explore various cafes in the area, attend many cultural and ceremonial events and go picnicking with your family and friends.

Opt for a Swan River Cruise

The Swan River links suburbs, the ocean and the hills and a relaxing cruise on the river is a must if you wish to take in the sights of the city. Head from Perth to Fremantle on a cruise and treat your eyes to the stunning views of the city skyline, many sailing boats and some of the architectural wonders of Australia. It is recommended to take the cruise at night when the entire river is dazzled with the glittering city lights.

Go on a day trip to Rottnest Island

With 63 pristine beaches and 20 bays, Rottnest Island is an ideal place to take delight in the picturesque scenery, laid-back atmosphere and the incredible marine life. Fishing, golfing, swimming, diving, snorkelling and kayaking are some of the activities to enjoy here. Quokkas and dolphins and several species of birds can be spotted here on the island.

Relax on Perth’s best beaches

With some excellent city beaches such as Cottesloe, Scarborough, Sorento, Trigg and Leighton, Perth remains a splendid spot for an ideal beach holiday. Treat yourself to a stunning sunset at the Cottesloe Beach where the orange sun seems to drown in the clear blue waters of the ocean! Explore some funky cafes in Scarborough and then take on the waves at North Beach for a wonderful holiday with your friends and groups. Surfers can make way to the Trigg Beach to enjoy the best surfing opportunities.

Explore the historic Fremantle

Located just 30 minutes from downtown Perth, Fremantle is a port city appealing to travellers with its maritime history and fascinating Victorian architecture. Famed as the “world’s best preserved example of a 19th century port streetscape”, this is where you can discover colonial remnants such as the Arts Centre and Old Courthouse and Fremantle Prison. You can explore a wide array of seafood restaurants, and bars and cafes here, and can enjoy a stroll through the markets of this port city. Besides, you shouldn’t miss a visit to the famous “Little Creatures Brewery” where you can try delicious wood-fired pizzas and great craft beer!