Top 3 Tourist Destinations in Recife, Brazil

Recife, the fourth largest city in Brazil, hasn’t lost its cultural and traditional charm due to industrial growth. Being the capital of Pernambuco state in the north-eastern part of Brazil, Recife is a brilliant blend of the old and the new. Home to a number of canals, inlets and 


bridges, Recife is aptly billed as the ‘Venice of Brazil’. The city is full of fascinating tourist attractions such as beautiful churches, cathedrals, and beaches. Have a look at the top 3 tourist attractions in the city.

São Pedro dos Clérigos

São Pedro dos Clérigos is one of the most remarkable monuments in Pátio de São Pedro, Brazil. Designed by Manuel Ferreira Jácome, the cathedral was built during 1728 to 1782 and is well known for its Gothic design. The interiors have an elaborate design as the galleries, pulpit and altars have been fashioned out of carved stones. A large number of tourists, especially art and architecture enthusiasts, visit São Pedro dos Clérigos from all around the world.

Capela Dourada

Capela Dourada, also known as the Golden Chapel, is famous for its brilliant design and architecture. This chapel belongs to the Franciscan Order. The two storied arch of cedar and jacaranda that have been adorned with pure gold, makes the Chapel a very popular tourist attraction. The statue of Christ hangs on a cross made of gold and with silver rays emanating from behind his head. There are many other instances of gold and silver artwork in the chapel that make it all the more eye-catching.

Boa Viagem Beach

Boa Viagem beach is Recife’s most popular tourist attraction. The seven kilometre-long beach extends from Pina Beach in the north to Piedade beach in the south and is the longest urban beach in the City. One of the major highlights of the beach is its mini swimming pools formed

Boa Viagem Beach

by high tides. You can see the beautiful coral reefs up-close. The walkway along the beach has many shacks and huts from where you can buy some of the best local food and beverages.  The coastline of Boa Viagem is divided into the different zones out of which the most popular tourist beach area is located on the north of Praca de Boa Viagem. Many posh buildings and properties can be seen in this area.