A Quick Introduction to Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain, is one of the most popular destinations for wildlife enthusiasts, trekkers, hikers, climbers and adventure seekers.


Because of its distinctive climate and ecosystem, UNESCO has included Mount Kenya in the list of the World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves. Mount Kenya National Park is situated on this mountain.

How to get there

The mountain, about 175 kilometres from Nairobi is easily accessible. There is a road at the base of the mountain which winds its way to the top and covers all the major towns such as Nanyuki, Maro Moru, Embu and Meru. The closest airport is the Laikipa Airport.

Weather conditions

The mountain witnesses a unique climate because of its geography and altitude. At higher altitudes, the weather becomes windy, cold and misty. The flora life is mostly alpine and sub-alpine, moorlands and tundra with a few bamboo forests. You will be able to experience the gradual change in the vegetation as you start descending the mountain because of the change in the temperature and altitude.

Attractions and Highlights

Being the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya witnesses a large number of tourists every year, which also includes adventure enthusiasts. The National Park is home to various unique and unusual species of plants which makes the area seem all the more intriguing and mysterious; as if from a science fiction film. There are several attractions for regular visitors, apart from the adventure-seekers, such as cave exploration, camping, hiking and forest exploration.

Accommodation Options

Serena Mountain Lodge, located on one of the lower slopes of the mountain is the perfect place for base camp. The lodge has been hoisted on stilts and offers perfect views of the wildlife. The accommodation options are available in suites designed like mountain cabins. You can also choose to take guided tours and hikes in the forest or go fishing.