Explore the Wonders of Nature in Barbados

 Although a small island, Barbados is pleasantly surprising with its great tropical beauty, and picturesque landscapes. From the mysterious underground caves to the beautiful vistas and the tropical colours of flora, the island has it all. Barbados proves itself to be haven for the nature buffs as it showcases the finest tropical flowers, rare trees, mysterious caves, and few national parks. A holiday in Barbados is incomplete if you do not explore the natural beauty that exists here in abundance. Read on to know about a few natural wonders that Barbados is blessed with.

Harrison’s Cave

Lying in the heart of Barbados, this cave is one of the greatest wonders this island has to offer. This breathtakingly magnificent cave is formed entirely out of crystallised limestone. The stalagmites and 40-foot waterfall of Harrison’s will leave you stunned for sure. There are trams

Harrison Cave

Harrison’s Cave by Berit Watkin/ CC BY

that take you down into the cave to explore the cavern’s pools and waterfalls, while the guides educate you about the formation and geological insights of the place. Be sure to keep this attraction on the top of your wish list when you visit Barbados.

Welchman Hall Gully

Located in the parish of St. Thomas, this nature’s marvel is 1.2 kilometres long gully home to a number of tropical plants and trees. Nutmeg, bamboo, clove, and palms are some of the commonly found species here. It is a tropical forest that beautifully boasts some native and exotic plants as well. Visiting Welchman Hall Gully will truly be a treat to your senses. It is a place where you can experience the mastery of nature and get an idea of what the island was like 300 years ago. You will also spot green monkeys in huge numbers in the gully.

Animal Flower Cave

Located under the cliffs at the Northern tip of the island, this beautiful sea-cave is a must-see for all nature loving visitors. The cave gets its name from the colourful Sea-anemones, locally

Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave by Berit Watkin/ CC BY

called Animal Flowers. The walls of this cave have a natural beautiful structure and reflect green and brown colours due to the oxidation of copper. The cave is surrounded by cliffs that offer dazzling views of the northern coast of Barbados where huge Atlantic waves crash against the cliffs.