Holidays in Toronto: Popular Options for City Connectivity and Beyond!

torrontoToronto, one of the largest metropolises of Canada, serves as a leading international gateway to “The Great White North”.Home to the world class Toronto Pearson International Airport which handles international flights from key destinations across the world, thousands of holidaymakers arrive in the city to seek out its many sights and sounds. Following are the best ways to explore the populous city in Canada.

The Economical Way

The Toronto Transit Commission provides residents as well as visitors with a range of transport options after they disembark flights at the airport. The metropolis is well connected by the subway system as well as buses, making its extremely easy to navigate. One can easily transfer from one mode of transport to another in lieu of a fee, making it a popular choice for in-city travel among those arriving here.

The Subterranean Mode

Due to the extreme cold in winter, the planners designed underground walkways in the downtown area for the benefit of both locals and tourists. Named as “Path” and demarcated by brightly coloured signage, travellers can access a wide range of entertainment and shopping options along this subterranean walkway. For those seeking a healthy walk without being bothered by the weather outside, this is by far the best option on offer.

The Lavish Spender

One of the easiest but also the most expensive ways to get around this urban area after reaching there on international flights is to hail a cab. The city is home to numerous companies such as Beck Taxi, CO-OP Cabs, Crown Taxis and others that provide taxis on hire. Travellers seeking a luxurious travel experience within Toronto often prefer to book chauffeured cars and limo services, which can also be easily availed from various locations including the airport or the hotel. One can also rent a self-drive car from the many companies providing this service from various locations across Toronto including the airport.

The Green Explorer

Most of the roads in this metropolis feature designated cycling trails, which make it easy for those taking the green initiative to explore without adversely affecting the environment. Some of Canada’s most popular neighbourhoods for a cycling adventure are the Distillery District, Chinatown, Yorkville as well as Cabbagetown and Kensington market.