Honk Honk – the Canadian International Autoshow 2015 is Round the Corner

Only a true auto enthusiast knows the amazing feel of getting within touching distance of the latest car models, long before the rest of the world even gets to see pictures in magazines. If you are one of them, the Canadian International Autoshow 2015 is for you! The largest auto show of Canada will be showcasing, or shall we say ‘showing off’, some of the most stunning cars this year. Rivalling some of the best auto shows in the world, Canadian International Autoshow 2015 is grand, exciting and every bit worth visiting.

Date and Place

Canadian International Autoshow 2015    will commence on 13th Feb and continue to dazzle enthusiasts with world-class exhibitions till 22nd Feb. The location is Metro Toronto Convention Centre North building.

Highlights of the Show

There are three highlights that will keep all the car aficionados ecstatically occupied throughout the show – Auto Exotica, AutoConnect and Art and the Automobile. Auto Exotica features some of mankind’s finest creations. Your eyes will pop out when beautiful models will unveil the top of the line vehicles passionately crafted by the likes of McLaren, Ferrari, Pagani, Maserati, Tesla and others. AutoConnect showcases state-of-the-art technologies that keep pushing the boundaries in the world of automobiles. Visitors will find everything from solar powered vehicles to fuel cell technology. AutoConnect also features educational institutions that are there to address inquisitive minds obsessed with automobiles.

Art and the Automobile focus upon, as the name itself suggests, ‘art’ in automobile and automobile in art. What does that mean? It means visitors will get to see the spectacular display of galleries that tell the story of automobiles, going back to the buggy days and the golden era of 60s. At the same time, visitors will also get to see the designs for the next generation.
Auto Exotica: Level 100 in the North Building
AutoConnect: Level 700 in the South Building
Art and the Automobile: Level 700 in the South Building

Additional Features

Are you a gaming buff too?  Unleash the gamer in you at Level 600 in the South Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The Xbox One Gaming Area awaits you here! Try the latest games and don’t forget to explore your limits with Forza Horizon 2.  The ones travelling with children can simply drop their kids at Volkswagen Children’s Playcare Centre, lest they choose to do things the mature adult way, err, we mean exploring the exhibitions ‘quietly’. There is also a lovely dining spot to take care of hunger pangs. Muskoka brewery restaurant on Level 600 in the South Building is a refreshing place for enjoying premium craft beers and scrumptious meals.