Things that Make December a Gratifying Time in Toronto

torontoBalancing nature, culture and a whole lot of adventure is the real Toronto experience. And during December, this gorgeous city of Canada is truly a fascinating place to visit. The gorgeous lakes, glorifying galleries and museums, glittering Christmas markets and great jubilation all around – this time of the year is celebrated with unsurpassed energy in Toronto. Let’s take you into finding out what makes flight tickets to the city sell like hot cakes for December travel!

Sparkling Christmas Markets

Magnificently decorated trees, glittering lights, happy shopping and delicious Christmas cakes and cocktails – visiting a Christmas markets in Toronto is a sure fire way to dig into an ocean of ecstasy and make the maximum bangs for the money spent on travel for holidays here. The Canadian metropolis plays host to numerous Christmas markets, with the largest and most popular being the one that is held at the Distillery Historic District.

Enthralling Events & Fests

From the theatrically dazzling “The Heart of Robin Hood” to the salubrious “Whole Life Expo” – December in Toronto features a number of festivals that keep getting bigger, better and hotter year-on-year. Fun-loving tourists can choose to be a part of these extravaganzas and enjoy dance, music, sumptuous food, drinks and load of merrymaking during their Toronto holidays.

Walk Along the Lake Ontario

Winter is not an ideal time to enjoy water sports in Toronto, but it doesn’t barricade beach-bummers to enjoy a romantic stroll along the Lake Ontario, admiring the stunning views and enjoying cool breeze. The popular lake also beckons the opportunities for cruising. Savouring the delicious snacks and sea foods at multiple snack bars is also a memorable experience, after having spent on flights and holiday packages!

Shop till you Drop

One of the largest and most modern cities in Canada, Toronto is a delight for shoppers, with its flashy malls and traditional markets selling everything imaginable. The Toronto Eaton Centre, in the heart of Toronto’s downtown, houses more than 250 trendy stores and appeals to spendthrifts, who have spent on flight tickets, to enjoy exotic retail therapy in Toronto! The Hudson’s Bay Company, Chinatown and Queen Street are some other places where shopaholics will surely get their kick.