Top December Events Setting the Festive Mood of Perth

Merrymaking in Perth, Australia is about to scale newer heights with a variety of events taking place in different parts of the city. Are you one of those holidaymakers boarding flights to spend December in Perth? If yes, here’s a list of events you should consider being part of!

torontoSwim Thru Rottnest

Swimming in December is enough to give you chills! But in Perth, this is the summertime when you can enjoy a refreshing swim through warm waters. Swimmers buying tickets to disembark flights here in December must contemplate participating in Swim Thru Rottnest, the most popular swimming event in the city. Since 1977, this annual event is taking place in Rotten Island, a natural paradise located just a few kilometres from the coast of Perth. In 2014, this event is scheduled to take place on 06th December and the 1600 metres race will start at 1300 hrs.

Thriller Live

Ardent fans of Michael Jackson would do anything to catch the action of this December event in Perth. Be a spectator to this incredible two-hour theatrical production which features non-stop hits of Michael Jackson and Jackson Five. This 12-day event is commencing on 10th December at Crown Theatre and tickets for this show are available online. Buy tickets for Thriller Live and pay tribute to the King of Pop!

Morning Melodies

As the name suggests, this event is sure to entice music enthusiasts. Visit His Majesty Theatre on the morning of 17th December to listen to the upcoming Opera singers and immerse into the quintessential festive spirit. This Christmas concert will start at 1030 hrs. Opera lovers boarding flights to Perth during mid-December can buy tickets for this concert. And the lucky ones could win Christmas door prize as well!

Kings Park New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Kings-ParkFamilies choosing Perth to celebrate their New Year’s Eve in the Australian way must add Kings Park to their itineraries. The botanic gardens here are among the most serene spots in Perth. New Year celebrations in this alcohol-free, smoke-free and glass-free venue would definitely be a unique experience for tourists.