Two Major Events You Can Catch in Havana in December 2014

Have you already gone through the best attractions of Havana? There’s more! Here are two of the major events in Havana you should check out if you are in the area or have booked tickets aboard flight to capital of Cuba in the month of December.

Havana Jazz Festival “Jazz Plaza 2014″

Havana-in-December-2014Considered to be the best Latin Music Event in the world, Havana Jazz Festival has quite a reputation. The Cuban Jazz festival draws a large number of fans and artists from all across the globe who eagerly wait for this event. The festival features amazing concerts, jam sessions and various workshops. Highlight of the first day will be the renowned Cuban jazz artist Chucho Valdés, rocking the opening gala. Over the years, the event has dramatically grown in popularity and due to its esteemed reputation, a number of artists come to join this event and perform to entertain the visitors. People keen on joining the event should get the festival passes as the pass offers you the access to all music concerts and other attractions. Jazz lovers with tickets on flights to Havana in the month of December should certainly check this event out.

Where: Mella Theatre, Sevilla Hotel, Karl Marx Theatre and many other locations

Speculated Date:  December 14 to 22, 2014

Havana Film Festival

If you have a profound taste in Latin American and Caribbean culture influenced movies, Havana Film Festival is an event you should not miss. This international film festival features local as well as international talents from around the world. It offers its visitors a great opportunity to explore new documentaries, independent feature films, and even animations. The core purpose of the event is to encourage and appreciate the films that brought Latin American and Caribbean Culture to the limelight. There are a number of categories that will be included in the competition; some of the major ones will be documentary, fiction, Opera Prima and animation. Don’t forget to watch at least one film that is pulled from the ‘Made in Cuba’ category.

Where: A number of Cinemas in Havana

Speculated Date: December 04 to 14