Top Reasons That Make Montreal One of the Best Cities to Explore in Canada


The second largest city of Canada, Montreal is an island-city with a long and beautiful French past. It took its name from Mont-Royal, a triple-peaked hill situated right in the heart of Montreal, and calls travellers for a holiday packed with plenty of exciting experiences amidst its unique culture, history and vivacious vibe.

Here are some reasons that make Montreal one of the best tourist destinations in Canada:


Montreal is a city of festivals with around 100 multi-day events per year. It is one of those few cities where something exciting is happening all the time, be it related to art, music, literature, dance or cinema. The city is best known for its Montreal International Jazz Festival, which holds the 2004 Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest jazz festival, and the Just for Laughs Festival which is the world’s largest international comedy festival.


Montreal is a true paradise for those who love art, history and culture. It is home to a large number of museums reflecting a long and complex colonial history and world-class architecture. The Musee d Art Contemporain offering an array of exhibits; and the Montreal Museum of Fine Art presenting the best of European and Canadian art and antiquities from around the world are the two most popular museums in the city. There are a lot of other art and history museums in Montreal that make for a must-visit here.


Montreal is a true shopper’s haven! From exciting shopping streets spanning around eight city blocks to lively local markets and specialty craft shops, everything in the city is a treat for shoppers. Eaton Centre Mall Downtown is the biggest shopping mall in the city. Also, there are more than 1200 upscale chain stores, boutiques and departmental stores at the west of Rue Sainte-Catherine, and a number of vintage shopping stores along Boulevard Saint-Laurent to explore.


A visit to Canada is incomplete if you do not treat your taste buds to a range of cuisines offered in Montreal. The city is home to more restaurants per capita than any other city in North America. Burger Week, MTL a Table and La Fete des Restos are some prominent food festivals celebrated here, offering you an opportunity to enjoy delectable cuisines by local chefs.  The travelling foodies will love to indulge in a variety of fast and local eats served at the food trucks in the city. Smoked-meat sandwich, poutine and the Montreal-style bagel are some of the favourites here.

Street Art

Just like the city’s fascinating colonial architecture, the street art draws the attention of visitors from around the world. The vibrant street art splashed across the many buildings of the city adds a creative and lively vibe to its entire appearance. Many street artists have gifted the city some incredible murals which display meticulous technique and use of colours and images and the expressions of culture. Places like Rue Saint-Dominique, Rue Clark and Rue Rachel E are the must-visits to witness the city’s fine street art.