Top Two Film Festivals Enticing Cinema Fanatics to Canada

With film festivals all over the world celebrating and honouring the people who create movies, Canada offers its own share of fascinating festivals. Film festivals of Canada offer one-of-a-kind experience and a wonderful prerogative to explore the art of filmmaking, listen to the creators, talk about their exclusive work, and view the best of international cinema in different genres. Also, each festival broadcasts the summits and workshops as a part of the festival in order to give the visitors every possible update on cinema. Two out of the many annual film festivals which make holidays in Canada a remarkable affair are discussed below.

Vancouver International Film Festival

The much celebrated Vancouver International Film Festival is a colourful cultural extravaganza that makes flights tickets to Canada sell like hot cakes. Within few years of its foundation, this wonderful gala event has grown to become one of the most important and influential festivals in Canada and North America that features a pool of entertainment and educational programmes. This exciting and extensive two-week festival takes place in late September and early October, and every year close to 200,000 attendees head to Vancouver in the hopes of viewing some of the biggest classics of cinematic art. During the festival, films from more than 75 countries in different genres are screened on nine giant screens including international line-up such as world’s top films and other undiscovered gems.

Montreal World Film Festival

The Montreal World Film Festival was founded way back in 1977 and has now become one of the largest and the oldest film festivals of its kind in the entire world. Held in late August every year, the festival besides being a heaven for cinema and music lovers from different genres also features a world of programmes and events which are aimed at inspiring the development of quality cinema throughout the globe. Some of the well famed regular features of this popular festival include First Films World Competition, Documentaries of the World, Tributes, Student Film Festival (Canadian and international sections) and Documentaries of the World. Cinema lovers looking forward to plan unique holidays in Canada must not forget to book entry tickets for this amazing festival, well in advance.