Navy Pier – The Most Diversified Spot in Chicago


Returning from Chicago without immersing into the splendour of Navy Pier is quite impossible. Why? The moment you reach at this popular landmark, a refreshing breeze from Lake Michigan will caress your face and kaleidoscopic charms of Chicago will introduce to an ever-enticing facet of the USA. Whether you are an adult, a kid or a senior citizen, availability of diverse range of activities and attractions would have something to suit your taste and interest. Most popular spotlights of this former shipping facility include parks, concert venues, gardens and restaurants. Here’s a list of attractions that rank high in the lists of travellers disembarking flights at Chicago.

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

Besides being one of the most recognized attractions in Chicago, this is also among the most notable Ferris wheels in the USA. It is open throughout the year and its tickets are available online as well as at the Pier Park’s ticket booth. Faint-hearted travellers can consider avoiding this 150-foot high gigantic Ferris wheel. Sit in it and admire the 360 degrees panoramic views of the captivating surroundings.

Chicago Children’s Museum

Boarding flights to Chicago with your kids? Make it a memorable as well as an educational holiday for them at Chicago Children’s Museum. Here, kids can be a part of various activities that allow them to understand and learn a variety of things while having fun. Buy tickets for this museum and give them an opportunity to invent a flying machine, climb on a ship and make a building. The facility also hosts numerous special events. Go through the official portal to check for an event that tickles your fancy.

Dining Cruises

Visitors also consider adding a sightseeing tour on cruises to their itineraries. Buy tickets and board boats docked at the Dock Street to excurse the aqua-blue waters of the lake and admire the scintillating skyline of Chicago. These cruises also offer scrumptious dinner. Couples keep these rides on their lists to enjoy a romantic meal while admiring the fascinating scenery of spectacular sunset.