Places to Visit for Culture Vultures with Flight Tickets to Nairobi

Nairobi, the bustling capital city of Kenya, features a unique heritage due to its key role in the history of British East Africa. Its expansive savannah and famous safari adventures has led the city to be a focal point for visitors seeking memorable holiday among the savannahs of Africa. Kenya’s international airport is well connected by flights to all over the world which is the main reason why flight tickets to Nairobi are easily available to all who seek a once in a lifetime adventure in the wilderness of Kenya. However, culture vultures booking air tickets to Nairobi are also assured of a whale of a time due to its many famous museums. Here is a list of the top museums in the city for those boarding international flights to Nairobi.

Nairobi National Museum

Kenya’s history is mired in its British colonial past and the National History Museum showcases this history through its thick and thin. Established in the early part of the 20th century, this is definitely the perfect place to witness an evolution of present day Kenya through its numerous artefacts. Open to the public through out the year, a visit here is assured to leave travellers gloating about their decision to book flight tickets to Nairobi. Key attractions include a shopping centre where you can purchase local handicrafts, an extensive collection of historically significant artefacts as well as temporary exhibits including popular works/artefacts on loan from museums round the world.

Nairobi Snake Park

Located right next to the National Museum is the famous Nairobi Snake Park, a leading reptile research facility established in 1961. The present day park is divided into two parts which house invertebrate and vertebrate reptiles separately. Those on flights to the city can easily get entry tickets to view the numerous exhibits that include giant snails, Mombasa train millipede, birds and myriad indigenous species of snakes. Those seeking an intriguing adventure during their Nairobi trip should plan a visit this one of a kind establishment before they board flights to reach back home.