Top Two Reasons to Buy Flight Tickets to Nairobi

Alluring history, plethora of cultural charms, a mélange of busy local markets and high street stores, and a host of entertainment options tempt travelers to buy flight tickets to Nairobi, the colorful capital of Kenya. Out of all the draws that the city boasts, Wildlife pursuits are perhaps the most obvious charmers. In fact, the city is renowned as the safari capital of the world. Do not be surprised if you find that the city hosts highest number of wildlife enthusiasts booking tickets to Nairobi during the peak season. Besides wildlife, pulsating nightlife is another of Nairobi’s irresistible allures that adds to the popularity of flights to the African city.


Just seven kilometres away from the business centre, Nairobi National Park is the main tourist attraction for visitors arriving on flights to Nairobi. In fact, numerous die hard nature enthusiasts prefer to stay within the national park and head here as soon as they disembark their flights to Nairobi. With a magnificent view of the city in the backdrop, the park is a home to a vast fauna life featuring a large number of species. Zebra, baboon, african buffalo, black rhinoceros, Maasai giraffe, Grant’s gazelle, cheetah, hippopotamus, leopard, Thomson’s gazelle, lion, impala, ostrich and waterbuck are the major attention grabbers that entice nature and wildlife lovers. Visitors planning to book tickets on flights for witnessing Nairobi’s stunning natural splendour here would do well to plan the holiday during monsoon. It’s the best time when the park is at its best and you can even catch the sight of large herds of migrating zebra and wildebeests.

Hedonists and party lovers spending on flight tickets to Nairobi with effervescent nightlife on their minds are in for a thrilling time in the city. Drop in to the posh Gipsy Bar for an incredible after dark experience. There are various pubs and bars ranging from small and less expensive to largish and lavish that all remain crammed full of local and foreign tourists. Epicureans can have a great time at these places that blend fine local and international cuisines with great music and adrenaline pushing performances. If you are booking Nairobi flight tickets with a desire to groove into the authentic African music as well as the contemporary popular choices, a visit to Bar Code, Club Sound, Nayanza House Club, Casablanca and Klub House are recommended.