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Top Hong Kong Cultural Celebrations during the Spring Season

hong-kongSpring in Hong Kong is a time of celebration! From salubrious weather to gratifying shopping and an array of cultural fests, the season is marked by a great zeal and enthusiasm in the ‘Asia’s World City’. Here are some popular cultural carnivals that happen to express the real essence of Hong Kong, blending its contemporary persona with ancient rituals and bizarre customs.

Birthday of Tin Hau

Hong Kong boasts an influential maritime heritage, and the Birthday of Tin Hua, the goddess of the Sea, is an annual reminder of that! The locals flock to the temples of the deity and pray for safety, security and well-being of their fishing business. One of the famous places to witness this cultural extravaganza is Shap Pat Heung in Yuen Long, where a colourful parade of fa pau (floral wreaths) takes place, followed by the lion dances and a noisy procession of brightly decorated fishing boats. It generally falls on the 23rd day of the third lunar month (11th May in 2015) and attracts a huge number of holidaymakers who buy tickets aboard flights for Hong Kong.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival

The century-old Cheung Chau Bun Festival is still one of Hong Kong’s most important cultural carnivals. Held in the fourth lunar month, the week-long event sees loads of merrymaking with fascinating Taoist ceremonies, lion dances, drum beating and exciting games and competitions. The locals, dressed in cultural costumes, parade statues of deities through the narrow alleys of the island. Many unique rituals are performed to keep the real essence of the fest alive, and this is what makes it one of the world’s top, quirky local festivals. Quite naturally, a fair share of travellers who grab flight tickets’ for spring holidays in Hong Kong partakes in the carnival.

Birthday of the Buddha

hong-kong-aAlso called the Buddha Bathing Festival, it surely reflects the spiritual sides of people in Hong Kong. A number of rituals, taken from the life of Lord Buddha, are practiced and make for a unique cultural experience for those who join the festivity after disembarking their Hong Kong flights. Devotees visit the temples and pay homage to the deity by bathing statues. Various cultural performances, group chanting and holistic sessions add to its spiritual significance. Eating the special green cookies signifies the passing of the hard time in life and remains a highlighted ritual of the event!

Popular Guided Tours in Hong Kong for First-Timers


The populous and bustling city of Hong Kong features on the itineraries of many travellers who wish to net tickets to China to explore its myriad oriental charms. However, for first-timers who alight from their flights in Hong Kong, venturing into the break-neck pace of the city-life may seem too daunting a task to undertake. Unless, of course, some well planned and carefully executed tours come to the rescue of bewildered travellers.

Explore Hong Kong from its Watery Lanes- Boat Tours for Amateurs

The Container Port in Hong Kong is the third busiest port in the world. Many guided tours start off from this point as the area is an ideal place to witness the transformational outlook that the city has donned over the course of time. With frequent stops at places like Aberdeen Harbour, Deep Water Bay and Stanley, paying for tickets aboard one of the boat cruises leads to some exquisite chances to witness the eventful life of the fishing communities, exotic markets and food stalls that line that the waterfront.

Splurge To Your Heart’s Content with Shopping Tours

Many travellers who board flights to Hong Kong are keen to explore its exhaustive array of offerings that one can purchase from the city’s multifarious shopping venues. Shopaholics can find their haven in many places like Causeway Bay, Island Beverly Center and Harbour City. Hong Kong has something to offer to varied shoppers, be it classy and pricy designer creations or the insanely affordable and cheaper versions of the same. In Hong Kong, with innumerous mind-boggling options, it is quite easy to end up spending the money reserved for the purchase of return tickets!

Gastronomic Sojourns for Foodies are Possible with Food Tours

Gourmands from all parts of the world admit to the fact that Hong Kong is one of the places in the world that is rightly acclaimed as a ‘food paradise’. However, for first timers, it may be quite cumbersome to find the best dimsum joint and wonton soup cart. The guided food tours not only bring out the best of culinary outcomes that Hong Kong has to offer, but also enlighten tourists about the significance of food-culture in the city.

Top Four Off-Beat Attractions in Hong Kong – Enjoy A Unique Holiday!


Hong Kong is one of the most acclaimed holiday destinations in the Fareast, and most of its top attractions/activities are often talked about a lot! So we bring you some amazing experiences that may give a unique, fresh perspective of the Asia’s World City!! Book your flights’ tickets and get set to explore Hong Kong in an altogether new way!

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Gardens

Drive down to Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Gardens, near the China Border outside of Funling, to relish appealing natural beauty, unique flora & fauna as well as organic yummies. Here, you can witness scenic pathways, beautiful streams and waterfalls as well as interesting exhibits. Also learn about the native art, environment and habitats before enjoying locally produced delicacies in any of the restaurants here. Surely, this strangely eclectic place is worth every penny spent on flights and other holiday deals for the destination.

Chung King Mansions

The Chung King Mansions, located along the “Golden Mile” of Nathan Road, comes alive with the gathering of ethnic minorities, African traders and holidaymakers from across the globe. The place literally brings the whole world together, and wandering here is simply a mesmeric experience. Chill out at restaurants that serve global delicacies or shop for interesting antics and souvenirs!

Hiking across Lamma Island

Hiking across Lamma Island will offer you some of the best experiences in Hong Kong. While trekking through the island, different species of trees and birds can also be seen. Don’t miss a meal of fresh seafood at a beach-facing eatery at the island! The historical Kamikaze Cave also catches the fancy of hordes of tourists who spend on flights for enjoying holidays in Hong Kong.

Ferrying to the Bays off Sai Kung

A ferry ride to the bays off Sai Kung is a great way to explore not just the region’s natural magnificence, but also its rhythm and vitality. Popular places to head to include the Lantau island, Cheung Chau Island and Lamma Island. Experience the great natural beauty around Hong Kong from an entirely unique perspective as you relive the exhilaration of a boat ride! Camping, swimming and surfing are other recommended activities during the excursion!

Cheung Chau Island Flaunts a Supremely Serene Side of Hong Kong!

Pak-Tai-TempleHad enough of Hong Kong’s glitterati? Exploring countryside might be a good escapade. Plan a day or two at Cheung Chau Island to immerse in a not-so-flashy lifestyle. Owing to its proximity to Hong Kong Island, numerous locals love to plan their weekends here. Few decades ago, Cheung Chau was a notorious hideout for pirates but today, you can surf on the rolling waves, gorge on delectable seafood and experience a sense of serenity at its historical temples. Here is a list of few attractions enticing travellers to invest in tickets to Cheung Chau.

Cheung Po Tsai Cave

History lovers boarding flights bound for Hong Kong must surely consider visiting this cave in Cheung Chau. According to a legend, the notorious pirate, Cheung Po Tsai kept all his loot in this cave. There are numerous signs in and around the cave depicting a navigable route that led people to the bounty! From here one can admire the captivating views of the dazzling coastline.

Pak Tai Temple

This is the one of the most prominent temples among the local fishing community. It is dedicated to the God of the Sea, Pak Tai and features an impressive design marked by several animal images, particularly the lion stones. Other highlights in this temple are Favourable Wind Ear and Thousand Li-Eye. If you are grabbing tickets aboard flights to enjoy a spring in Hong Kong, you can be a part of annual Bun Festival where magnificent towers of sweet buns are to be found.

Ancient Rock Carving

These carvings are located near Tung Wan Beach and have been added to the list of declared monuments of Hong Kong. According to archaeologists, this rock carving is around 3 millenniums old!!

Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre

Adventurous souls visit this centre especially to glide through the waves! This windsurfing centre is strategically located between two popular beaches – Kwun Yam Wan and Tung Wan Beach. From here you can rent surfing gear as well. After an eventful stint in the waters, surfers can enjoy a drink at open-air bar, located at the second floor of the centre.

Hong Kong – A City Teeming with a Spectrum of Entertainment Choices

Hong Kong features on the itineraries of many travellers who book tickets to explore the multifarious facets of the city, a majority of which are entertaining to the core. What keeps up the spirit of merry-making in Hong Kong is the abundance of varied entertainment venues that are speckled across the city and offer numerous audio-visual and experiential delights.


A Symphony of Lights- A Must-See Attraction

Those who disembark their flights in Hong Kong and wish to get enchanted at the very first sight may head straight towards the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, which is one of the best vantage points to enjoy the daily show. A Symphony of Lights portrays the attitude of the city with flashes of multi-hued laser lights depicting Awakening, Energy, Heritage, Partnership and Celebration.

The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

The aesthetic souls who find pleasure in creativity and art can find their retreat at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. The value for the money invested on flights can be attained by experiencing one of the many theatrical, musical and dance performances that the institution hosts on a regular basis.

The Hub of Entertainment- South of Hollywood Road (SOHO)

A favourite spot for locals and tourists alike, SOHO attracts one and all with its multitude of cafés, bars and restaurants. Tourists who book tickets to Hong Kong must visit the enchanting area which has retained the primitive charm of its architecture amidst the burst of modernity that graces the place. And one must also not miss out on some souvenir shopping before boarding their return flights.

The Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Visiting Hong Kong necessitates the experience of diving into the cultural affluence of the city. The Hong Kong Cultural Centre boasts of multiple theatres and stages that house a large congregation of masses who are willing to witness some of the finest orchestras and other musical events.

The Alluring Magnetism of Wan Chai

Known for its abundance of affluent literati populace, the Wan Chai district is also the best place to indulge in the opulent indulgences of Hong Kong that have sprung up in the guise of numerous bars, restaurants and shopping complexes.

Hong Kong Summer Fun 2014

The bustling city of Hong Kong comes alive in all its elements at the time of the coveted summer festival, the Hong Kong Summer Fun. The merry-making and frivolity commences in the month of June and continues till the end of August. Many tourists from all the over the world book flights to Hong Kong at this time of the year as they wish to experience the multifarious indulgences that the city offers. The 2014 edition kicked off from 27 June and will go on till 31 August 2014. This colourful jamboree brought along numerous options for entertainment and leisure activities to engage and delight visitors and locals alike.


Tourists arriving on flights to Hong Kong are keen to explore the array of markets and shopping complexes which the city houses. There are lucrative discounts which are on offer and visitors cannot help but immerse themselves in the pleasant tide of top brands and local produces. Many retail outlets and boutiques participate in the Hong Kong Summer Fun by setting up themed markets and luring shoppers with a variety of discounted items.

Shows and Exhibitions

The festive spirit is alive with the umpteen shows and exhibitions that are hosted in various parts of the city. Be it the glamorous pop-shows featuring celebrities like Jordan Chan and Jerry Lamb who are popular amongst the youth, or the extraordinary exhibition of the “1600 Paper Mache Pandas” which not only amaze tourists, but also enlighten them.

Entertainment Venues

Visitors boarding flights to Hong Kong during the Summer Fun are elated to find discount offers on many of the top notch entertainment venues in the city. This year the prices of tickets have been lowered for the Summer Fun in many places including Ocean Park Hong Kong, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong and Hong Kong Disneyland.

Ocean Park Hong Kong  by Robert Baxter / CC BY

Ocean Park Hong Kong by Robert Baxter / CC BY

Foodies Delight

Hong Kong is acclaimed for its wide range of culinary delights which comprises mostly of Chinese cuisine, but is not devoid of Western ones too. Thousands of restaurants and eateries clam up with excited foodies during Summer Fun where one gets to relish some of the finest dishes of Asia.
The summer festivity, with a plethora of attractions, entices many travellers to book tickets to Hong Kong.

Experience the Unmatched Vibe of Hong Kong in Just Three Days!

Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Garden Hong Kong

A heady combination of past and present, Hong Kong is one of the most stunning destinations in Asia to explore on a 3-night holiday. Scintillating beaches, amazing Disneyworld charms, contemporary arts, high street shopping and delicious food – the Asia’s World City has it all and even more and never fails to spellbind visiting tourists. Although, even a month is not sufficient to explore all this fascinating metropolis has to offer, here is a well-informed itinerary to experience best of Hong Kong in just three days:

Day 1


Ferry Boat Hong Kong

Commence your holiday by riding the funicular tram to Victoria Peak – Hong Kong’s highest point! Pay a visit to the famous Madame Tussauds Museum and get clicked with your favourite celebrities; the museum houses life-sized statues of many renowned celebrities from around the world. Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware is also worth a visit, if you’re inclined towards history and heritage! Head to the beautiful Hong Kong Park and relish breathtaking vistas and some moment of relaxation before taking Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour! Considered as a heritage and cultural treasure of Hong Kong, the Star Ferry promises visitors the maximum bang for money spent on tickets for the ride and other holiday deals. Don’t forget to enjoy Symphony of Lights and glamorous night vistas of Victoria Harbour!

Day 2


Bronze Buddha Statue

Head out to explore the Ngong Ping Village for a truly unique experience during your Hong Kong holiday! The Tian Tan Buddha Statue, world’s largest seated, outdoor, bronze Buddha Statue, is also worth a visit. Then, head to the splendid Po Lin Monastery, a short walk from the statue, and enjoy a meal (vegetarian) there! After that, take a bus to Tai O Fishing Village and enjoy boating as well as fresh sea food! Dining at any of the upscale restaurants at Tsim Sha Tsui will also delight your taste buds and leave you gloating about the decision of netting air tickets for holidays in the city.

Day 3


Wan Chai

Visit Central Hong Kong to see some of its iconic buildings such as Man Mo Temple and Sheung Wan. Take a stroll along the traditional shops and art galleries in Soho to buy some souvenirs to take home! Watching a show at the Hong Kong Arts Centre will also be a mesmeric experience. With loads of bars, restaurants and cafes to choose from, those looking to delve into city’s pulsating nightlife will be left spoilt for choice. Wan Chai and Lan Kwai Fong bar are two popular names.

Asian Cities Known for Their Effervescent Nightlife


Love to paint the town red? Whether it is savouring intoxicating drinks, enjoying rocking jukebox or taking in some culture; a trip to any of these Asian cities is truly a way to get the party led off! Take your pick, reserve your tickets and enjoy to the hilt!


What was once a bivouac for US troops on Vietnam War has now risen to become Mecca of unmatched hedonism, with fun-seekers from across the world getting into this brilliant Thai city to splurge on drinks and other sinful things! Every inch of this beach city oozes out enthrallment, full moon parties and go-go clubs steal the show with amazing vibrancy and vigour. Stroll around a huge party zone from Soi 13 to Soi 16 in South Pattaya to make the maximum bang for the money spent on flight tickets and holiday deals.


Mumbai is called a city that never sleeps and it’s not without a reason. Be it the rooftop cocktail bars with gorgeous city views, chic clubs with happing crowds or the loudest and hippest bars; Mumbai’s pulsating nightlife never runs out of throb. If your budget allows, try Tryst to dance you night away with a hip-hop track list, a glossy dance floor and countless of lights all around. Trilogy, a swanky nightclub in Juhu, also serves a lot more than the sea views. Additionally, an array of sophisticated restaurants serving drink, dinner and dance also offer a refined taste of Mumbai nightlife

Hong Kong

Full of passion, soul and spirit, Asia’s ‘World City’ has a reputation of celebrating each day in a year. The idea is to dance, dine and drink all year-round. While there are plenty of bars, night clubs and discos to feed one’s social addiction, nocturnal delights in Hong Kong tend to revolve around the magical street shows, events and gatherings on the harbour. Various events like the Symphony of Lights and Rugby Seven is sure to satiate your craving for entertainment and leave you gloating about the decision of netting tickets on flights to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Nightlife: Something for Every Taste and Budget


Fascinating Disneyworld, gorgeous beaches, intriguing cultures and impressive shopping as well as dining scene; Hong Kong, for hedonists, is as good as it gets! Besides a superb range of sightseeing options; the city offers loads of nightlife funs that can make you dizzy till the wee hours. From loud hangouts at LKF to understated elegance of SOHO and the spectacular symphony of Victoria Harbour’s Lights Show –Hong Kong nightlife will surely leave you in awe.

LKF – Hong Kong’s Party Hub

The party spirit of Hong Kong people is seldom low. And perhaps nothing is better than Lan Kwai Fong when it come to ultimate jamboree. Famous as LKF, this cobbled stoned venue is home to over hundred bars & clubs remains a big hit with fun seekers, locals’ as well international tourists who board flights to discover amazing nocturnal delights of Hong Kong. To kick start your night, head to the Bulldog Bar and Grill, a traditional bar known for its lively ambience and an extensive selection of beers. Those looking for a friendly atmosphere should head to Dublin Jacks, a sleek new Irish Bar. After a couple of drinks down, get set to dance your night away with DJs, some of the best in the business, churning out amazing tracks.

Stylish Sober ‘SOHO’

SOHO combines a sophisticated ambiance with upscale dining and wining. Stretching from south of Hollywood Road, this vibrant place and its fashionable clientele always keeps visitors engaged and excited. You can have a relaxing time relishing your favourite cocktail at one of the chic bars. Many high-end clubs that feature peaceful ambience with a delectable wine menu also tick the right boxes of hedonists buying air tickets to sojourn Hong Kong. Besides, SOHO offers some of the best dining experiences in Hong Kong; delicious pork knuckle and Schnitzel with vinegar doused are not to be missed!

Tsim Sha Tsui – Appealing Cultural extravaganza

Whether you’re a shopaholic, a foodie or a culture-vulture, Tsim Sha Tsui will surely leave you enthralled and gloating over the decision of netting tickets on flights landing in Hong Kong. Shop to your heart’s content, with countless of branded shops and boutiques here selling everything from souvenirs to fancy clothing. Myriad dining options leave foodies spoilt for choice. Besides, a number of night clubs and theatres will be light on your pocket, but high on your spirit.

Three Most Glittering Gems of Iconic Hong Kong Skyline


A booming port and a flourishing city/state in the Far East, Hong Kong has long been a big hit with globetrotters seeking fun-filled holidays in this part of Asia. Perched on China’s South Coast, Hong Kong is actually a thriving metropolis that does not mind splashing, splurging and parading its lures. Besides a vast array of sightseeing attractions and gratifying shopping and dining scene, Hong Kong flaunts a dazzling skyline that never fails to leave on visitors a mesmerising effect! Soaring skyscrapers with futuristic design and the majestic Victoria Peak in background – you will be taken in, almost instantly, by Hong Kong’s magnificent skyline that seems to give a stiff competition to top Asian cities flaunting an awe-inspiring skyline. Listed below are three most glittering gems of Hong Kong Skyline.

International Commerce Centre

The tallest building in Hong Kong, around 1590 feet high, International Commerce Centre was completed in 2010 and is now a prominent pillar in Hong Kong Skyline. The 118 storey building has an appealing architecture design. Besides, it houses a five-star hotel (the Ritz-Carlton), world’s highest swimming pool and Bar (OZONE) and a large shopping mall on the basement, making it a popular haunt of sybarites netting flight tickets for Hong Kong holidays.

Two International Finance Centre

Perched on Hong Kong Island, IFC consists of two towers. Completed in 2003, the taller building is 415 meters high and showcases Hong Kong’s staggering wealth of modern era. Watch the skyscrapers after the sunset when they illume amazingly, and you will surely get a splendid experience, well worth the cost of air tickets on flights arriving here. The tenants in theses iconic towers include IFC mall, China International Capital Corp and Bank of America.

Central Plaza

Standing majestically in Wanchai North’s business district, Central Plaza is widely renowned for its astounding height and a very bold architecture design. More than 370 meters tall, this 78-storey building is structured in three different sections: a high tower base forming the entrance, a tall tower body consisting of offices and a tower top with plant floors and a tall pole. Inside the skyscraper, there is a church as well, which has been considered the world’s highest church.